Beauty Week – Makeup Revolution Lipstick Review

Makeup Revolution lipstickWelcome to Beauty Week here on Two Hearts One Roof, an entire week of makeup reviews! I know I’m not usually a beauty blogger but I got a little excited by the new Makeup Revolution Lipstick range and ended up buying 6 of them, but at just £1 each I didn’t really break the bank. Plus after visiting the new Superdrug Beauty Studio in Cardiff when it opened I also bought quite a few other items, so thought it only fair that I share them all with you, hence ‘Beauty Week’ on the blog. So shall we get started!

Makeup Revolution lipstickHere are the first set of swatches I took, in order from left to right we have Cheer, Divine, Chic, Twist, Lady and Dare. These were the 6 colours that appealed to me most from the pictures online. But when they arrived, off the bat I could already tell I wasn’t going to love Divine as it is far too peachy pink for me, but all the others looked great.

First impression of all the lipsticks is that the packaging is cheap, but at only £1 you should kind of expect that, the lids don’t fasten on very securely so they come off quite easily, which might be an issue in your makeup bag, but on the plus side I love the colour swatches on the base, so you know exactly which lipstick you pick up without having to check the label or open it up.

When I first went to apply one I was surprised by the creamy smell it had, and they all glide on very well, they almost feel moisturising, but there are 2 downsides I have found so far. 1. The consistence is quite thin so you need to apply a few coats, the also means the staying power isn’t particularly great, but they are better than many other lipsticks I have tried that were far more expensive. 2. The taste! Yes I know I shouldn’t be eating or tasting it, but you do occasionally lick your lips, even with lipstick on, and sadly it tastes like soap! Not particularly great!

Here is what they look like on my lips, and my thoughts on each of the colours.

Superdrug Makeup Revolution lipstick DareMakeup Revolution Lipstick in Dare – This was actually a lot less red than I expected it to be, its more of a dark pink, than the bright red it looks like it should be. But that being said I really love it on my lips and its quite different to all the other bright reds I already own.Superdrug Makeup Revolution lipstick LadyMakeup Revolution Lipstick in Lady – I love this colour! It is very much the kind of bright red I would usually wear. The coverage isn’t great, as you can see, and it it quite a glossy colour, whereas I usually rather a slightly more matt, but I can see it being very popular. Superdrug Makeup Revolution lipstickMakeup Revolution Lipstick in Twist – This is probably my favourite of all. The colour is only every so slightly different to Lady above, slightly deeper, but it applied better and did have a more matt finish to it, which I was very happy with. This one actually had slightly better staying power than the others too. Ive worn it a few times already.
Superdrug Makeup Revolution lipstick ChicMakeup Revolution Lipstick in Chic – I like my daytime lipsticks that I use for work to have a slightly more rose pink colour to them, as my bright reds aren’t always suitable, so I chose this one as it looked about right. When I applied it I realised it had a glitter in it, which I hadn’t expected, but it makes it lovely and shimmery on your lips, although you can feel the tiny glitter speckles if you rub your lips together, which is a little weird!Superdrug Makeup Revolution lipstick DivineMakeup Revolution Lipstick in Divine – This is the one I already knew I wouldn’t like. It has a  peach pink look to it, which totally doesn’t suit my skin tone or my style, and it is almost creamy in appearance which I feel is very cheap and tacky (sorry if thats your style ladies, I just really don’t like the look of it on me). So this one is a no go! (At least I only wasted £1 on it!)
Superdrug Makeup Revolution lipstick CheerMakeup Revolution Lipstick in Cheer – This is a palest of all the colours, and looks more like a lip balm than an actual lipstick, but it has the glitter that Chic above did. I really like the slight shine it gives my lips without adding too much of any colour, and I have been wearing it to work a fair bit.

So there you go! Have you tried any of the Makeup Revolution Lipstick range yet, or any of their other products? There will be an eyeshadow palette and mascara review coming up this week so keep your eyes peeled.

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    • Chantele
      July 21, 2014 / 2:48 pm

      Yep I was pretty impressed with the whole selection they have!

  1. July 21, 2014 / 3:30 pm

    I had a look in the store today and really liked the bright eyeshadow palette from the same brand. I need to get myself that palette!! I was a bit disappointed they didn’t have the bright coloured lipsticks that they did online. Those reds really look good on you. x


    • Chantele
      July 21, 2014 / 3:38 pm

      Yeah I had looked online before I went to spend my voucher to chose what I fancied, and then found that they didn’t have the £1 ones in store, which was a little annoying, but I just spent the voucher on the pricier stuff then got the lippys online later. Check back tomorrow as I have the palette reviews going up!!

  2. July 21, 2014 / 3:54 pm

    I’ve heard so much about Makeup Revolution, really want to try their products out! xo

    • Chantele
      July 21, 2014 / 11:54 pm

      Do it! I was really impressed with them in all honesty, considering just how cheap they are!