5 of my Favourite Animal Instagram Accounts

Rabbit instagramI am not a crazy cat lady (in fact I generally dislike cats (don’t hate me!) due to a bad allergy to them) but I am a crazy bunny lady, so if you ever checked out my instagram feed you would probably be swamped with lots of pictures of these adorable creatures, I follow bunnies and bunny owners all over the world! And not just bunnies, I love dogs too. So I thought I would do a nice simple post today and introduce you to some of my very favourite animal instagram accounts. Above is a picture from the feed of BunnyMama, my favourite bunny feed of all I think, featuring Eddy, Rambo (who has sadly passed on now), Marbles and Olive!

Dog InstagramThis is the Husky Quartet and I am literally in love with these beautiful dogs! I can’t wait to check out their new photos, as they are so stunning, funny and sweet. From left to right, Phoenix, Blaze, Shiloh and Akira.Rabbit InstagramJebofoto was probably the first bunny account I ever found, when I feel in love with Jenna and her bunny Romeo. Now she also has Finny and Leo (above) and her cute ferrets Prince and Bowie! Check her out for pics of fashion and fur babies! My fav combo!Dog Instagram Meet John Henry the Cavalier! Isn’t he just adorable! This entire feed is made up of cute pictures of John Henry…The Cavalier! Hehe! He is cute and spoiled, and to perfect!animal instagramLastly are these inseperable bundles of fluff Cinnamon and Clover. Too adorable for words, they love each other so much and are never without each other (a lot like my fur babies actually!)

So enjoy the cuteness overload!

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