Beauty Review – Miss Patisserie Detox Egg and Bath Fizz

Miss Patisserie

Some of you will remember that during our first month of blogging we introduced you to a local beauty company called Miss Patisserie (post here), and they gave us (well me!) a pile of their products to try out. And thats what I have been doing over the past few weeks. Today I have got a review of their purple detox egg and green bath fizz, but I will say that all of the product I have tried of theirs so far have been amazing!Miss PatisserieI literally love my bath being coloured, I am like a child in that sense, and as you can see both of these bath bombs had my bath water turing a cool bright colour.

The Purple one is the Miss Patisserie Detox egg and it smelt totally amazing. It is a fizzing bath bomb, so gave the bath a little frothiness on the surface, which released the scent into the air even more, but didn’t create huge bubbles. Plus this one is made with Cocoa butter which leaves your skin nice and soft afterwards, I literally didn’t feel the need to use body cream after the bath.

The Green one is a Miss Patisserie Bath Fizz, that had a stunning rich floral scent to it, you could literally smell it all over the house afterwards (my mum then nabbed the other half of the ball so she could have a bath in it too, it smelt so good). It wasn’t one of their flower bath balls it simply had a few of the petals on the top, so there wasn’t too many flowers in my bath, but the scent really wowed. This one didn’t fizz like the purple one, so it was more of a clear bath.

I find that some bath bombs can be a little oily once they fully disperse into your bath water, or leave an oily residue in your bath, but none of the Miss Patisserie ones I have tried so far have done this. They are smooth and clear, and leave nothing behind on the bath (well maybe a few petals from the floral ones, but that is to be expected).

Have you tried out any of their products yet? If not why not enter our giveaway (last day to enter today!) as a Miss Patisserie gift box is one of the prizes!!

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