Snail Mail #1

Snail Mail Sorry for the lack of posts this week, it has been a little manic in the Two Hearts household, between the day job, the evening job and 3 lots of photography it’s been a busy busy week! And the next 2 weeks are looking just as manic, but we have had some good news…we should be moving into our new home this weekend! Yay! Exciting!! We will give you a full update on it all when we are certain of everything, then we can finally show you all the house. But we will be without net for a little while, so there may be another hiatus until we are all sorted. On to todays post…Snail Mail!!!!!

Have I ever told you how much I love Snail Mail! If you’ve seen my instagram you will already know this. I simply love sending and receiving good old fashion snail mail, be it post cards, letters or parcels, having something drop onto the doormat (or more often the postman ring the doorbell) just makes me that little bit happier! 

I’ve been collecting postcards for around 3 years now, and have in the region of 450 I think! Plus I have 5 pen pals! I’m a member of both Swap-bot and Postcrossing. So I thought I could start sharing my happy mail with you!

This is what I have received in the last 2 weeks. Above are postcards from my parents, my best friend and my penpal Annica, and a latter from another penpal, Jasper.

Snail Mail These are all cards received from swaps on Swap-bot or Postcrossing.Snail MailStamps are one of my favourite parts of snail mail! Here are the ones from the postcards above.

Are you a Snail Mail fan?

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