According to Bloggers – The Best Christmas Movies

best christmas moviesSorry I have been MIA all month ladies, work is crazy busy and I ended up laid up in bed for a week with a bad cold and throat infection. I am pretty much back to health, although work is no quieter, but I have a bit of me time (a whole day off!) so thought I would jump back into my poor neglected blog, and let you lot know that I am still alive!

With that in mind say hello to my new little blogging series “According to Bloggers” where I will be asking bloggers from all areas of the internet their opinion on everyday things.

With Christmas just days away I figured a few of you might actually have a few days off from work and can indulge in some festive movie fun! There really is nothing better then snuggling up on the sofa, under a big blanket, with your other half or your little kiddies, turning on the christmas tree lights and watching a great movie. So I asked the blogging community what their favourite christmas movie is?

Here are their recommendations to get your started on your festive film binge:

Elf – This hilarious film is one of my favourites and got quite a few votes in the polls. Georgina from Makeup Pixie said “it’s silly, innocent and funny, oh and filled with good Christmas songs

Miracle of 34th Street – This is the other of my favourites, it is such a sweet classic film and brings back the magic of being a kid at christmas time. I would love to be able to see one of the american style street parades like in the movie, maybe one day I’ll get to take my own kids to see one.

Home Alone 1 & 2 – These were obvious choices to make the top Christmas Movies list in my opinion, and my fellow bloggers agreed. Heledd from Yummy Blogger says “Home alone, it reminds me of Christmas when I was about 10, still love watching it now“. Laura from Cosmetics, Shopping and Intoxication says “Home alone! Never been such a fun film made around Christmas, even my dad and brother will watch it” and Codie from Codiekinz says “Home Alone 2 as I have always loved the Home Alone films and the thought of spending Christmas in New York is a dream!” 

Jingle All the Way – I had forgotten all about this Arnie film but Jade from Sindyydoll says it’s her favourite saying “Working in retail makes the film even more relatable as I see events like what happen in the film in reality around Christmas time!”  

Love Actually – Another film which seemed to be a favourite of quite a few people. I think Ruth from Let Her Eat Clean summed it up best “Is there anything more gorgeous than Love Actually and THAT Hugh Grant dance…? It was released the year I was living in France and will always remind me of getting through the arrivals gate to spend Christmas with my own family and loved ones. When I have kids, I’m desperate for one of them to play the lobster in a Nativity play“.

The Holiday – Lix from A Classic Notion loves this one the most and had this to say “The Holiday is my favorite. I need a good couple of years between rewatches or I start seeing its many flaws, but it’s a delight when I do watch it. Lovely cast, lots of fun moments AND touching moments, and I love love love the score“. 

A Christmas Carol – Jo from Ojo’s World says the classic George C Scott version of this film is her all time favourite festive movie, “It reminds me of early Christmas’s with my hubby”

A Muppets Christmas Carol – Samantha from Coco Butter Blog chose this film saying “My favourite is Muppet’s Christmas Carol! I watch it on Christmas morning every year and I think it just brings back memories of when I was growing up

So there you have it, a low down of the Best Christmas Movies according to bloggers! Thank you for all the ladies who chipped in on this post. There will be another “According to Bloggers” post soon, but if there is a burning question you would like me to pose to the blogging community let me know in the comments below.

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  1. December 19, 2014 / 6:50 pm

    We really are a varied lot, aren’t we xx

    • Chantele
      December 19, 2014 / 7:32 pm

      Lol yes we are. Nice to see a good range though! Wondering what other ones I can come up with now!

  2. December 19, 2014 / 7:44 pm

    So many good films here. I also like the Santa Clause, although my favourite will always be Muppets Christmas Carol.

    • Chantele
      December 19, 2014 / 9:01 pm

      Glad you like the list! Some brilliant movies on there!