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Christmas Sales

So Christmas is just 2 days away, which means Christmas sales are only 3 days away (or in some cases only 2 days if you fancy online shopping on Christmas Day!) Usually I’m not a fan of big sales shopping, I just can’t be dealing with the crowds in store and I’m usually too busy working to have time to online shop, but that being said there are a few key things that I do look out for if I have a chance. 

  1. Christmas Cards – There are some seriously beautiful cards on the market, but I totally resent paying so much for them when they usually end up in the bin after 3 weeks. Thats why I usually like to pick up a few packs of premium cards when they are in the sale, that way I get to send gorgeous cards for a fraction of the price.
  2. Wrapping Paper or Gift Boxes – This is pretty much the same as above, expensive gift wrap is hugely discounted after christmas, so I try and stock up for next year. Plus keep an eye out for papers that aren’t christmasy for using on gifts the rest of the year.
  3. Christmas Decorations – Now I look for these for 2 reasons. First the obvious reason, I love christmas decorations! I mean who doesn’t! But paying £5+ for 1 bauble or decoration is more than I’m willing to spend (especially on the lead up to christmas!) so I love finding a gem in the sales after christmas! The second reason is a little different, just because its advertised as a ‘christmas’ decoration doesn’t mean it can only be displayed at Christmas! (except of course if it says merry christmas! lol! that may look a little weird!) Look for ‘decorations’ that can be used all year round! You will be surprised what you can find if you start looking at things a little differently. I recently got a chunky wooden star that has a new permanent home on my side board.
  4. Cellotape – Even though its something you use all year round, it usually gets massively reduced in the post Christmas Sale, especially if it has ‘christmas’ packaging, but really who cares if the package has snowflakes on it! So stock up for your entire year (or multiple years if you find a really good deal)Christmas Sales
  5. Beauty Gift Sets – These are great as gifts all year round (as long as they aren’t ‘festive’) or you can simply use the products yourself. Gift boxes are heavily discounted after christmas so are far cheaper then buying the products individually. Boots is usually a great source gift sets, and often the products are full size meaning you get an absolute bargain.
  6. Jewellery and Accessories – Again I usually buy these as gifts for people for the rest of the year. Jewellery seems to be one of those things that stores try to clear out in the Christmas sales ready for the new year, I assume the stock up on them before christmas as they are easy, inexpensive gifts, but then have excess stock to shift after christmas. You can usually find great pieces with unto 80% off! Same goes for things like scarves, gloves, purses and handbags!
  7. Chocolates and Sweets – If you happen to have a sweet tooth then nows the time to stock up! Giant tubs of chocolates and sweetie gift packs will be cheap as after christmas and the sell by date is usually years.
  8. Underwear Sets – Clearly men don’t buy their wives or girlfriends enough underwear at Christmas because the stores always have great sales on nice sets post xmas! So why not treat yourself to a few pretty or sexy sets to keep you going till next christmas. 
  9. High-Value household items – Ok so this isn’t something everyone will need to look out for, but if you’ve recently moved or looking to redecorate then this time of year is a good time to look out for high value items such as Sofa’s and Beds as you will often find great discounts and make a big saving.
  10. Personal Electrical Items – Although you will find discounts on things like TV’s it is often the smaller items like mobile phones and digital cameras where you will get the best deals. We bought our first Digital SLR in the post christmas sale at curry, with 50% off! Many electrical stores need to shift old, display or return stock before the new year so they crash the prices of items that are easiest to shift. (I used to work for Dixons! The boxing day sale was insane!!!)

And here’s a few items that you shouldn’t bother buying!

  1. CD’s and DVD’s – They hold their price all year round unless the are ‘festive’ themed, so your actually likely to get better deals before christmas as they aim to ramp up sales figures.
  2. Everyday clothes – Yes you might get the odd bargain on everyday clothing but the majority of the time only damaged or very old stock is put out during the christmas sale as they aim to clear their store rooms. The sale to switch to summer stock a few weeks later will usually be better.
  3. Party Clothes – With New Year still to come most stores will hold on to party stock until New Years Eve is also over, so hold back on buying that sparkly dress if you want to get it at a bargain price.
  4. General Household Items – You’ll probably find them at a better price after the New Year, so it isn’t worth tackling the crowds just for some plates, pans or cushions!

So there you have my shop the sales tips, do you have any of your own tips?

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Images via John Lewis and Not on the High Street

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  1. December 23, 2014 / 6:46 pm

    If I stock up on Chocolate, I’ll eat them all haha! I’ll definitely buy some beauty gift sets though 🙂

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens