Top 10 Netflix Drama Series for Winter Evenings

netflix drama seriesJanuary is still winter time in my books, it gets dark early, it’s blinking cold…and wet…and windy (or at least it is here in Wales) and generally just pretty miserable all round, everyone is pretty sluggish and has yet to get out of the Christmas time time-off rhythm and really get into their ‘new year, new me’ moods. So this time of year is great for long evenings spent curled up on the sofa binge watching TV series, and the best way to do that is probably Netflix (although most of them are also on Amazon Prime)! So here are mine and Jon’s top 10 netflix drama series picks for what to watch on Netflix this winter.

  1. Breaking Bad – this is the main reason we got Netflix as they aired the last season at the same time as it went live in the states on TV, we are massive fans of the show and it is a ‘must see’ in our books! Most of you will know what it’s about – chemistry teacher with life threatening illness turns to cooking meth to provide for his family’s future.
  2. Sons of Anarchy – All about a biker gang! We have watched this show since the beginning and totally love it. If you like mafia/crime type shows then your likely to like this too! The cast are brilliant and so are the story lines. 
  3. Orange is the New Black – Equal parts drama and comedy, we love this series set in a women prison and can’t wait for the next season to air.
  4. Sherlock – Oh Sherlock how we love thee! Only 3 episodes per season is no where near enough, and there are only 3 seasons so far, but fingers crossed for another this year! Think traditional sherlock workings, set in modern day London, it is utter genius.
  5. Luther – Idris Elba is amazing in this series! And there totally isn’t enough episodes in this series, they need to make another!! Although I don’t think there is one on the horizon. All about John Luther a brilliant but emotionally unstable murder detective. Will he manage to solve the murder case before he gets too involved with the case.
  6. Pretty Little Liars – This has only just landed on Netflix and I am so glad it has! I had seen season 1-3 on TV but not managed to keep up with it after that so am currently binge watching my way through it again from the start. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a mystery set around the story of a missing girl and her 4 friends, who are being harassed by ‘A’ dragging up every secret they ever told their missing friend! Typical teenage melodramas mixed in with a clever twisted mystery of murder, betrayal and blackmail.
  7. American Horror Story – It’s dark, it’s twisted, it’s scary, it’s gory, it’s brilliant! Not a series for the faint hearted as there are some genuinely scary moments. 4 seasons so far each with a different setting and story line (they are independent miniseries) – Murder House, Asylum, Coven and Freak show. An amazing cast, which are carried through all the seasons, compliment the twisted storylines.
  8. Dexter – Dexter Morgan the loveable serial killing crime scene blood splatter analyst! He only kills those who deserve it, but his compulsion to kill sometimes gets the better of him, can he get to the bad guys before the police catch up with them, or him. We loved all of this series and it is a different take on the usual crime/killer genre. 
  9. House M.D – Hugh Laurie is amazing in this, his best work ever, probably why they ran 176 hour long episodes! House is an antisocial, self medicating, diagnostic genius of a doctor lacking in any bedside manner and addicted to Vicodin. Every episode involves a different mystery illness which him and his team must solve before the patient dies.
  10. Lilyhammer – We discovered this show recently and have blitzed our way through all 3 seasons that are out so far. If you have ever seen the Sopranos it feels a bit like that (Steve Van Zandt is in both), but a little less violent and with more comedy moments. When a mafia member turns rat on the family he needs to be put into witness protection and relocated quickly, but he feels nowhere in the US is safe so wants to go to Lilyhammer, a tiny snow-covered town in the Norwegian mountains. Partly subtitled so it does take your full attention.

Whats your favourite drama series? Have you seen any of the ones on our list, whats your opinions?


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