5 Stylish Dog Beds for your New Puppy

stylish dog bedWith the little man now firmly a part of this family and his stuff now taking over the house I thought it was about time to get him a more permanent bed (rather than his rush purchase puppy one) that we can keep in our bedroom. We have been very specific with everything we have put in the house since moving in, making sure the items we choose work with our design ideas and will last us, so why should Opie’s bed be any different. Our bedroom is all grey and turquoise so I went on the hunt for a stylish dog bed for our little fur ball. And was lucky enough to find the bed above that would match our grey colour scheme and still look stylish.

Opie’s new bed came from a local store and is a separate bed and cushion which cost around £20 (bit of a bargain if I do say so myself!) and he loves it so far! But here are 5 other stylish dog beds I found whilst looking online for inspiration, all of which I would gladly love to have in our house.

Stylish Dog bed

And here’s an outtake of me trying to get the shots above, it took 10 minutes of re-placing him in the bed, him thinking it was time to play with my camera bag dangling off my camera and trying to tempt him with treats – he was having none of it!!! lol!

Opie Stories


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    • Chantele
      March 28, 2015 / 11:44 pm

      Yep bet its really cute and cozy!