Tea Time with Marks and Spencer’s American Range

Marks and Spencers American RangeWe’re fans of a good old rack of ribs in our house, actually we’re fans of most American style foods – ribs, chicken wings, burgers, onion rings, wedges, we like it all. When we found out Marks and Spencer’s had launched their own American style range of food we jumped at the chance to try some of it, all we had to do was decide what we fancied the most.

I took recommendations from the ladies in the store who said the onion rings and Mac’n’Cheese bites were both really good, and I most fancied the sticky BBQ ribs, so the decision was made and I looked forward to tea time.

M&S American Style food

I don’t deal well with spicy heat, but these ribs are just the right side of spicy for me, with more of a smoky BBQ taste rather than much actual heat, plus the sauce is lovely and thick. They were really tasty and had plenty of meat on them, which is always good. Although it was only a half rack each, with the addition of the onion rings, Mac’n’Cheese bites and some lattice and curly fries (from the freezer!) it made a great meal, which even filled Jon.

Jon is the onion ring eater in this house (I don’t eat them often) and he thought these rings were great although they didn’t crisp up quite as much as he would have liked. But the batter wasn’t too thick and the onion rings themselves ended up lovely and soft. I actually really enjoyed them and polished off my whole portion.

Lastly the Mac’n’Cheese bites. These had been a recommendation and wouldn’t have been something I would have chosen myself (I’ve never actually eaten Mac’n’Cheese) but I am so glad we did try them. You get 6 in a pack which didn’t seem a lot, but they are quite dense, so very filing. Seeing as they came with a chunky tomato dip (which was very tasty and reminded me of TGI Friday’s tomato dip) I thought they would be quite solid when cooked, but even though they were covered in a breadcrumb mixture again they weren’t as crisped up and solid as I expected them to be. But that being said they were really tasty and I would have loved a few more!

Here’s some more of the new Marks and Spencer’s American range, think we will be trying the wings and pulled pork next, although it all looks really yummy!Marks and Spencer's American Range

Have you tried any of the Marks and Spencer’s American range yet? What would you recommend? bothofus_sign

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