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I am a big fan of wooden floors, in fact it was one of the main things me and Jon looked for when we were searching for our first proper home. So when we found our perfect house, location/size/price wise, we were so lucky to also get solid oak floors throughout.

Wooden floors are easy to clean, can last a lifetime if looked after properly and look beautiful, but they have a few down sides, the main one being they can often feel cold and in turn make a room feel a little cold. That’s why when we started decorating the living room I knew we would need to add a pretty substantial sized rug to really make the room feel warmer and more homely. A contrast in textures and mixture of fabrics can add a huge amount of depth to a room and instantly add an element of cosiness. Rugs are one of the most effective ways of warming up your home.warming up your home with rugs

And this works in any room of the house, add super fluffy style sheepskin rugs to the bedroom, brightly coloured short pile rugs to kids rooms, thick natural textured runners in your hallway, soft and sumptuous wool rugs in your living room and even hemp or jute in your bathroom and you will notice a considerable increase in warmth, even if it is actually only psychological. 

Rodgers of York Kids Rug

Rugs are also a great way to add colour to your home. Our home is primarily black, white and wood, so adding a chunky purple and navy blue rug to our living room has added a great pop of colour to stop the room looking too bland. Its also helped tie other elements of the room together, making everything just a little more cohesive.

Rodgers of York offer a great variety of rugs from a range of manufacturers so your likely to find something you like for any room in the house. They also provide carpet, wood and other floor coverings so your covered for all eventualities.


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