Beauty Week – Forever Living Aloe Hand and Face Soap Review

Forever Living Aloe Hand and Face Soap ReviewIf you haven’t heard of Forever Living products yet you must be living under a rock, they seem to be all the talk at the moment. I literally can’t get away from them on my Facebook Page, so I thought I may as well give them a whirl and see what the hype is really about. Luckily an old friend is also a Forever Living rep so she dropped round a huge basket of goodies for me to try. If I was to review them all it would take me a month, so instead I’ll just be review a few of my favourites and the Forever Living Aloe Hand and Face Soap is definitely one of the top products on my list.

Laura (my friend and rep) said this stuff was great as a soap for everything, she even washes her kids hair with it as it is mild and has a non-irritating formula, and she wasn’t wrong! Since having our pup I have been washing my hands a million times a day (puppy training, frequent accidents, and he loves to give you lots of kisses!!) and my hands can sometimes get a little irritated by all the soap they have to deal with, I end up having to moisturise a lot! But for the few days I decided to try using the Forever Living Aloe Hand and Face Soap I am happy to say my hands were a lot less dry and irritated, plus they smelt yummy. There isn’t an overpowering scent of anything in particular, just nice and fresh. Its also great for sensitive skin too due to it neutral PH balance, so if you suffer with something like eczema it would be perfect for you.

The bottle is £10.84 which is a bit more expensive than your everyday supermarket hand soap, but the product is really powerful so you tend to only need a little each time you want to wash your hands (or anything else). The 473ml bottle will last ages, even when washing your hands ever 30 minutes due to a puppy!

I’d totally recommend the product to everyone! If your already a fan of Forever Living products you should order this with your next order, and if you have never tried Forever Living products maybe make the Forever Living Aloe Hand and Face Soap your first purchase! It’s simple and effective, does what its meant to without too many bells and whistles.

Have you tried a Forever Living product you particularly like, please do let me know!

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