Bringing Nature Indoors – Keeping Orchids Alive!

Bringing Nature Indoors - Keeping Orchids Alive

I’ve never really been green-fingered! In all the years me and Jon lived together I never kept a plant in the house (we never had a garden whilst living in Cardiff) unless you count the odd herb – which undoubtedly I probably killed within a week or two. But when we moved into our new home I really wanted to bring some nature indoors as my mum has always kept orchids and lilies in the house and I love the texture and life they can bring to a room. But in all honesty I didn’t know where to start or what plant to buy. My first thoughts were air plants, succulents and cacti as I knew they were easy to look after and I love the idea of terrariums (I still do, so it might still happen) but I just happened across some bargain’s whilst in Tesco the week after mother day and managed to pick up 2 stunning orchids in pots for just £3 instead of £15! Score! 

Most of the potted plants you get in Tesco or other supermarkets are only guaranteed for 28 days, but these are the ones my mum has and her’s have lasted years, so this was my first challenge, getting passed 1 month! We have put the white one at the top of the stairs so you see it when you walk in our front door, and it looks great with our Terracotta Warriors. The second is a pink one and is on the big windowsill behind Jons desk which is at the back of our living room. Bringing Nature Indoors - Keeping Orchids AliveMothers Day in the UK was March 15th so I have know had my orchids for 10 weeks and they are still going strong, in fact the white one has grown a lot! I am no expert on keeping Orchids alive, and all my tips have come from my mum, but I thought I would share how I am looking after my orchids. It’s nothing complicated just 3 tips

  1. Orchids need light, so we keep ours in 2 big windows, they don’t get direct sunlight all day, just a few hours a day but we have noticed most of the flowers themselves have turned to face the window to get the most light they can
  2. Only water once a week. Yep we only water them once a week, usually on a Sunday. Ours get about 200mls, but you just want enough to soak the soil well
  3. Lastly, once a week I spray the stem, leaves and visible roots with Orchid Mist Spray. It is a nutrient rich orchid food

Thats it, thats all I do, pretty simple really. I adore how they look in the house and I am hoping to add a few more plants over time.

Do you have any tips for keeping orchids, or is there another plant that you love

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  1. May 28, 2015 / 12:45 pm

    I managed to get a plant last year whilst at uni but when our dorm cleaner came in she managed to get bleach on it and ruined it 🙁 Since then I haven’t bothered getting a plant but seeing how easy orchids are, I am very tempted..did you buy yours from tesco? Or from an actual plant place?

    • Chantele
      May 28, 2015 / 3:05 pm

      Hi Daisie, mine was £3 in Tesco after mothers day