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Cornerston shaving box review

I hate shaving! I have never found a system which I am happy with. I’ve tried using sensitive gels, sensitive foam, shaving oil, extra sharp this and that many bladed razors, an electric shaver and even the lady shaver. Nothing has managed to give me a smooth and irritation free shave so I have given up. I usually end up using the mini trimmer that came with my hair clippers and put up with a little bit of stubble. That is until now. 

Here is my Cornerstone Shaving Kit Review

Cornerstone were kind enough to send us a review pack of their shaving kit. inside the kit was a razor, spare blades, shaving gel, face scrub and a post shave balm. The kit looks smart without being gimmicky, and the razor looks sculpted and solid. Plus it can be personalised with a set of initials.

Cornerstone Shaving box reviewI always shave after a hot shower as this seems to ease the skin irritation of times past. Skipping straight to the shaving gel, I slapped some on and expected it to lather up like other gels I am used to, but it didn’t. Instead it coated my skin with a smooth slightly oily feeling balm. I grabbed the razor and jumped right in, using the same technique as I always do, and well, WOW. I’m not exaggerating but shaving was now a pleasure. I could feel the razor gliding effortlessly over my skin, cutting away at the stubble with ease and without giving a rough irritating feeling. I’ve no doubt the razor itself is super sharp, however the credit has to go to the shaving gel. It does require you adequately rinse the razor after each pass as the gel is quite thick (unless i was applying too much ) but each stroke of the blade gave a smooth and rash free shave which I have never had before. I will even go as far to say that it is the BEST shave I have had, ever! To put it to the ultimate test, I also skipped the final post-balm stage to see just how well my skin coped and the next morning I woke to find no change, my skin was soft and irritation free. 

Before:Mens shaving gel review

After:Shaving balm review

The one thing I had noticed though was that a few areas weren’t quite as smooth as I have had in the past with the leading brand razor, but it really is splitting hairs here. If having the perfect shave every time comes at the cost of a very slightly less-close shave than I’m used to having (and having terrible red sensitive skin issues afterwards) then I am perfectly happy to live with that. I am 100 percent a cornerstone shaving product convert. 


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  1. June 23, 2015 / 4:30 pm

    Ohhh!! Matt has really sensitive skin and never wet shaves, he has one of those trimmers – which I love stuble so am happy! But for events like weddings he likes to clean shave – but ends up with horrible skin afterwards 🙁 x

    • Chantele
      June 23, 2015 / 7:22 pm

      Jon swears by this gel now, he loves it and intends to get it again. His skin is so sensitive but it really seems to have helped! You should get some for Matt