Curious Tea Subscription Box Review

Curious tea monthly subscription box Did I ever tell you guys I was a bit of a tea fiend? A Tea addict? A tea-holic? Or as I like to think on occasions a tea connoisseur?

Well I am. If I’m not in the day job I probably drink 10 plus cups of tea a day (large cups!), just regular white tea, no sugar, with a dash of cold water (I have a strange thing about anything thats too hot!) Even if I am in work I still get through half a dozen or so on a good day. But over the last few years I have tried to vary the type of tea I drink, partly due to the fact that I read nettle and dandelion tea were a good herbal remedy to hayfever, and partly due to the lack of a fridge in work, so no way to keep milk cool, so I started drinking green and herbal tea.

So when I was contact by Curious Tea recently to review their monthly mail order tea subscription I totally jumped at the chance! I mean tea delivered to my door (almost as good as Taffy Mail sweets delivered to my door!) it is totally up my street!
Curious tea monthly subscription box

When you sign up to Curious Tea you decide whether you want light (green) or dark (black) teas or a mixed box with one of each in it. I opted for a mixed box so I could get to try both a black and a green tea. The box is delivered each month with 2 50g packets of premium grade loose leaf tea with brewing instructions (these are only suggestions, you can test it out to find your preferred method). They say you can get at least 40 cups of tea out of your 2 tea packets.

In my first box I received Keemun Mao Feng Black Tea and Keemun Mao Feng Green Tea. I loved that the packets came with information on the origin of the tea, how it should be brewed and how it should taste. Both my teas came from the Anhui Province in China. You also get little brewing note cards for you to eep, which allow you to keep record of what you thought of the tea and how you liked to brew it so you have them for your own records if you wish to order the tea again.
Curious tea monthly subscription box Having this delivery gave me a good excuse to go buy a glass teapot, as I had been fancying one for a while. I think a glass teapot allows you to keep an eye on how much the tea is defusing and see how strong it is likely to be. This dinky little one is perfect to make 2 large cups of tea (which is great as it is just me drinking it) and came from Ikea for just £6. They do a large 4 cup one for £12 too if there is likely to be more than 1 of your drinking it.

Curious tea monthly subscription boxThis is the Keemun Mao Feng Black Tea, which I decided to drink straight, not add milk to as I wanted to get the full taste of the tea. As this was my first taste of this tea I brewed it like they suggested on the packet. It has quite a deep black tea scent to it, but is surprising light when drinking. The packet said it had a floral profile, which I wasn’t convinced with at first but it did have a slight floral aftertaste.  I really liked this tea and will happily be drinking the entire packet over the next few weeks. 

Curious tea monthly subscription boxThis is the Keemun Mao Fen Green Tea. I loved this tea on my first cup, but my second had over brewed slightly as I had left it in the pot and ended up with a bit of a bitter aftertaste. Next time I make it I will remove the tea leaves after 3 minutes, but keep them as they can be brewed multiple times according to the packet. The profile says it is buttery, which I didn’t really get, but it was a subtle smooth tasting tea, fresh and light which makes it great for drinking throughout the day and I will enjoy the rest of the packet.Curious tea monthly subscription boxI would totally suggest testing out the Curious Tea Subscription box if you are a big tea fan, or if you would like to test out a wider range of teas. It would also be a really fun and unique gift idea if you know a big tea drinker! If you do decide you want to try out Curious Tea why not take advantage of my reader Offer: 25% off your first order – use code “TWOHEARTS”

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Products provided by Curious Tea for review purposes

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