Introducing Lorna Syson Designs

lorna syson designs
A few weeks ago I blogged about my amazing new cushions from Lorna Syson designs, which I am ever so slightly besotted with. Lorna is an award winning British designer who’s designs are inspired by the countryside around her. She prides herself on creating quality items, sourcing the best materials and producing everything in the UK.
I got the chance to ask Lorna a few questions about her business, her style and…her dream party!

1. What’s your name and where are you from/based? 
I’m Lorna Syson, originally from Coventry but now living and working in South East London

2. Do you have any formal training/education in your craft?
I went to Loughborough University and did multimedia textiles and a diplomia in business studies.

3. What is your favourite of your items? 
At the moment I really like the newest Broom and Bee design in the Sky colour way. It’s such a happy cushion that reflects whats happening outside. We have lots if bees visiting our roof terrace at the moment. I always wonder if it’s the same type of bee I drew.

4. What stores do you personally love?
I think there are too many to mention! I really love seeing what quirky interiors anthropology have in each season and this season I really like the underwater world created by Zara home, but my main passion is finding independent designers online. There is a store I’ve just found called Ruby Roost. I want it all!lorna syson designs

5. Your items range from natural to geometric, but what is your personal home style like?
At home I love colour. In my living room I have a huge brown leather sofa with one wall of Bradbury Elderberry. My cushions are all samples or seconds from work apart from one special margo selby cushion.
I also have a lovely Rob Ryan print which was a wedding present and lots of hand drawings and watercolours on the wall. Most of our furniture is preloved, found in charity shops all over the country, and oiled or painted back to life.

6. Where do you draw inspiration from, for your work and your general style?
We’ve been joking in the studio that maybe I see the world a little differently than other people. It’s now been nicknamed ‘life through Lorna’s lens’. This is because I can see inspiration everywhere I go, from walks out into the countryside to my usual walk to work. I collected lots of gorgeous leaves the other day and have them decorating my desk. I also love seeing how nature changes the manmade environment. A great example was a gorgeous flower growing out of a tiny crack in the pavement where a sign post was put in. I think my style has a slightly vintage edge, I love mid century design and believe less in trends and more into what makes you happy. I hope this comes across in my work and makes my customers happy.

7. Tell us a random fact about you we might not already know?
I have a little studio dog called Jenkins, he’s hungarian but has been living with us in London and coming to work with me every day since he was 7months old. He will do anything for treats which is why he looks like such an angel in our photoshoots.

lorna syson designs

It’s Party Time!

Let’s plan the perfect imaginary party

Where would you hold it? It would be outside with a barn with high ceilings and natural light incase the weather didn’t hold. It would be decorated with lights and flowers

What theme would it have? It would a relaxed easy theme which just celebrated what was beautiful about nature and the outdoors.

What music would you listen to? There would be a range of live music ranging from gypsy Jazz to indie classics

What would you eat and drink? We’d have a selection of street food from around the world each served from it’s own little van 

lorna syson designs

Quick Fire!

  • Cat or dog? Dog
  • Tea or coffee? Peppermint tea
  • Travel bug or home bird? Travel bug
  • Sweet or savoury? Savoury
  • Summer or winter? Summer
  • Half full or half empty? Half full
  • Snail mail or email? Email
  • Blogs or magazines? Blogs
  • Dresses or trousers? Dress
  • Silver or gold? Gold

What do you think of Lorna Syson Designs? Are you a fan of her bold patterns?

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