My Productivity Playlist

When i’m working my way through wedding and portrait edits on the computer, silence is my biggest distraction. I hate being sat in silence, i dont feel motivated or invigorated to do work and I’ve pretty much always been the same, so I make up a selection of playlists every so often from my music collection. For the winter times its usually heavy rock and metal, summer time is usually that years big summer hits with a few oldies thrown in while my guilty pleasure is strong female artist.

So if your having trouble being productive, whether your working from home like me, revising for an upcoming exam or just need some motivation to do the house work check out my playlist choices below. I’ve thrown in a few YouTube videos too so enjoy the music! 

Winter Time Playlist

    • POD
    • Rammstein
    • Papa Roach

    • Soil
    • Theory of a Dead Man
    • Seether
    • Audioslave
    • Disturbed
    • Ozzy

  • Judas Priest

Rock and metal music might not to be everyones taste, and some might even find it a distraction but I love it! 

Summer Time Playlist

      • Adele

      • Coldplay
      • Foxes

    • Jess Glyne
    • Swedish House Mafia
    • Hozier 

  • Stereophonics

When Chantele is out I can get away with pumping them out of the stereo using her laptop which holds all of our music, but when she’s at home (an insists on watching trashy american tv series) I turn to my trusty iPod shuffle to get my music kicks. Ive got a big 30gb classic iPod but when I’m moving around and making prints the cable gets in the way, so I clip the shuffle onto my bose headphones without the extension cable and leave it dangle out the way. I find music really is the best way to keep myself focused on my work, which is so important when you are self-employed and trying to run your own business.

So what helps keep you productive? Do you have a go to playlist too, or do you have another trick to keep you focused?

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