Canned Food UK – Duck in Cherry Sauce Recipe

Canned Food UK - Duck Recipe

Want to hear a mad statistic? Cardiff residents eat on average 76 Tonnes of canned food a day! Yep! Thats 183,000 cans on average…per day. I bet right at this moment there are numerous cans in your cupboards, go on have a think about it.

In Cardiff over 56% of people have 10 or more different cans in their cupboard at any one time. I can tell you now off the top of my head I know I personally have tins of tuna, sweetcorn, baked beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, salmon, tomatoes, lamb and potato soup, spaghetti hoops and ravioli in my cupboards, and thats without me looking.

But that’s not a bad thing! Canned food is great for us, its convenient, cheap, has a long life and has great nutritional value. It make cooking healthy meals so much easier, faster and cheaper!

Now your wondering why I’m telling you all this… Well this week we have teamed up with Canned Food UK to test out their Duck in Cherry Sauce Recipe. Canned Food UK are a non-profit organisation set up to promote the benefits of canned food in our everyday diet. Celebrity chef James Martin is the brand ambassador and has created a huge host of recipes for them using canned foods. There are quite a few recipes that caught my eye that I will be trying out in the future, namely the Pear and Salted Caramel Tarts and the Chicken and Potato Pie.

But first we tested out the Duck in Cherry Sauce Recipe. We are big fans of duck, but usually only eat it when we are out as I am never sure I will cook it quite right. I was actually working the day we decided to have this, so it was left to Jon to test out this duck recipe. He isn’t the most confident of cooks but found the recipe easy to follow and managed to produce a really tasty dish, with relative easy and in quite a short space of time. Time is of the essence in our house, what with running our own business and working, so anything that makes cooking good healthy meals that little bit easier is a big thumbs up with us. We both really loved this dish and will definitely be cooking it again. The cherry sauce was so simple to make and had loads of flavour, plus a can of cherries is a lot cheaper than fresh cherries!

Do you use tins a lot in your cooking? Canned Food UK are on the search for the Nations Favourite Tin and I would put bets on it being Baked Beans or Tomato Soup! But what are your favourite tinned products?

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 *Statistics taken from 2000 residents surveyed via

*ingredients for recipe provided by Canned Food UK

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