Happy New Year – We’re back and we have news!

Pregnancy Announcement Hello Hello Hello Just a very brief post from me today! I am very very sorry for my almost 3 month hiatus but I promise I had a good reason! The best reason in-fact! If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you will already know our awesome news, if not the picture above should be enough to give it away…Yes we are very excited to be expecting our first little bean in June! After our miscarriage earlier in the year (read our story here) this news really turned our year around!

Unluckily for me the first 3 months have also been pretty hard on me and thats why I haven’t been able to blog, or do anything much. Between the utter exhaustion and 24 hour nausea (no actual morning sickness though!) I’ve also battled 1 chest infection and 1 very bad cold which had me laid up in bed for almost a week, I’ve passed out in work, had practically no appetite for weeks and suffered 5 nights insomnia which just made me ill again! I’ve pretty much been totally useless. Thankfully I gave up the proper day job back in October to come on board full time with Cross-Jones Photography so I haven’t been working or commuting to Cardiff 3 days a week, as I really don’t think I would have managed it.

Jon has been absolutely amazing throughout it all though, he’s kept the business running, the house in order, walked and looked after Opie and cared for me! He’s been my rock through it all. Luckily I am starting to feel like a human again this last week so I promise this is a fresh start and a fresh year. Plus I can officially say we are having a baby this year! 2016 is going to be the best year yet I hope!

So hello again everyone, Happy New Year and thanks for sticking with us, and here’s to another great year!


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