October Degustabox Review – I know it’s majorly overdue!

Dugustabox Review I should really apologies for just how late this review is going up, but as you all know the first trimester of this pregnancy totally kicked my ass, so not only did I not have the energy to sit and write blog posts but most of this sat unopened and uneaten due to my constant nausea! Thankfully my appetite is slowly coming back (and I found a few of these items actually really helped when I wasn’t in the mood to eat, to at least keep some nutrition and energy in my system.

So this is the October Degustabox! It was nice to see it was filled mostly with products we had never heard of which is always fun as we like trying new things! The only ones I recognised where the Cirio products and The Snack Organisation rice crackers. Degustabox reviewHere is what we received in this months box and what we thought of it all.

  • Food Thoughts Cocoa – This is an organic fair-trade 100% cocoa powder which is also gluten free. So would be great for baking gluten free cupcakes of muffins which is what we intend to use this for in the next few weeks. So I can’t comment on it yet as have yet to actually try it, sorry!
  • Lorina Lemonade – In all honesty I’m just not a fan of coconut water or a coconut flavour in my drinks at all, so wasnt really loving this. Its a premium French lemonade made using 100% natural products from coconuts and lime in this case
  • The Snack Organisation Sweet Chilli Rice Crackers – Now I can’t eat anything spicy so knew these were out as I have tasted them in the past, so they went straight up my parents and my mum happily snacked on them and really enjoyed them. They are a big hit with my parents
  • The Snack Organisation Freeze Dried Apricots – Now one of things that I have been trying to do with this pregnancy is try and eat more fruit and veg, which I was finding silly hard when I had absolutely no appetite due to nausea. So eating in general was hard, but I found I could stomach a few handfuls of nuts and dried fruit every now and then, so these dried apricots were great for that. I also take bags of fruit and nuts to work now to help get me through my shifts.
  • 9Bar – Now these were my saviour in the first few weeks of pregnancy, I felt so sick in the mornings that I couldn’t stomach eating breakfast but knew I simply had to eat or I would start feeling faint. So if we had a shoot or needed to go out I would have one of these to at least get me started on the day till I could stomach something an hour or so later. They are crammed full of nuts and seeds with a carob topping meaning I got lots of healthy nutrients, energy boosting bits and just a little bit of sweetness to curb my sweet tooth cravings too. Yummy! I will be looking out for these in store to get my hand on some more,
  • Cirio tinned chopped tomatoes and pasta – Now I have used the Cirio brand of tomatoes before (possibly got them in lidl but I may be wrong!) and we always like them, so these got used up straight away in a nice tasty bolognese and in the Slimming World Diet Coke Recipe you can find here.
  • Liberation Foods Oven Baked Chilli Nuts – Again I couldn’t eat these, but Jon tried them out and really enjoyed them, he said they weren’t too spicy but just had a nice kick to them.
  • Proven Gluten Free Apricot Oatmeal – Sadly I cannot abide porridge! But my sister is a massive fan of it (much to my disgust!) so I knew she would happily test this out for me and my dad even decided to try it too. They both said they were surprised it was so nice as it was gluten free and they said it cooked really easily and made a really nice thick porridge that wasn’t stodgy. A big thumbs up from both.
  • Kabuto noodles – I’ll be honest this is still in the cupboard (with the last noodle pot we got 🙁 sorry!) I actually love noodles, and would happily eat these as a snack if Jon wasn’t hungry one afternoon, but as they have chilli in them they are kind of a no go. I may have to cook both pots at some point and at least try them in case they aren’t spicy! Or who know how long they will be in the cupboard, lol!
  • Lastly my absolute stand out product CHIP STRIPS!!!!! – Where have you been all my life! I am a massive massive crisp fan, always have been, but the first trimester made me even worse! One of the few things I could stomach was salt and vinegar crisps, I think it was to do with the salt and the strong flavour overriding my feeling of nausea. So I had been munching a bag a day (at least) which I would never do usually. So when I spotted these in the box and saw the salt and vinegar ones I knew they would be open in no time. One evening Jon went out for a meeting, I sat down to watch TV and accidentally munched my way through the entire packet! I had intended to leave him a few to try but they were just so yummy and moorish! He did get to try the BBQ ones though and we really enjoyed them too, so now I am on the look out for them in store as I simply want some more!!

Sorry no recipe with this one (check the link above to the Slimming World Diet Coke Chicken Recipe we posted last year). We loved the box and as you can see found quite a few bits useful in helping with my morning sickness.

If you fancy testing out Degustabox for yourself they are offering my readers an awesome offer of £6 off your first box, just use code ‘BLDEG15’.


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