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Petshop.co.uk Its Opie mail time again! This time the spoilt pooch got to try out some dog treats from PetShop.co.uk. Opie loves getting surprise mail (as do we!) so when we open a box from PetShop.co.uk we were really happy to see a whole selection of dog treats, toys and useful pet owner products for us and Opie to try out. We have found it really great to keep Opie entertained with new toys, he gets bored quickly and of course destroys any soft toys he gets, so they don’t last long! Plus we have discovered a few new brands and items we didn’t know about that we are then happy to buy if Opie enjoys them.Petshop So here is what Opie received in his 4th box

    • A Puppy Kong – Opie loves is kong! He loves anything he can play fetch with, that bounces (it does once if thrown hard enough) or that he can chew, and thanks to its hard rubbery texture he can chew on it lots and it doesn’t damage it at all.
    • Wainwright’s Dog Treats – He loves these treats, he can be a little bit fussy with the treats he eats, if he isn’t keen he will leave them for hours and only begrudgingly eat them if there is nothing else on offer by the end of the night. But these were munched down straight away!
    • Shake’a’Fox – Oh yes, another thing Opie likes, anything he can ‘rag’ as we call it, the spaniel instinct to shake something vigorously from their days catching rats and other rodents. So this fox was perfect, he could shake it and scruff it like anything without any damage, until of course he just sits down and chews a hole through it, or chews its ears/tail off. But this lasted a surprisingly long time for Opie, about 2 weeks in total before it was just a holey piece of fabric. He loved it and we may be looking to get another one of these for him
    • Coachies Dog Treats – These he wasnt quite as keen on as the Wainwrights ones above but he didn’t object to them completely and still ate them up when offered them, he just had a good stiff and checked them out before the first try. 
    • Animology Mucky Pup Dry Shampoo – In all honesty we haven’t tried this yet, when Opie gets dirty dry shampoo just isn’t going to cut it as he is usually caked in mud or river water and has to go straight in the shower. But I think this will be great in the summer when we take him for a walk up the local waterfalls as he usually just needs a little bit of a rub down before he gets back in the car (provide its been dry for a while and the path isn’t too muddy)

dog treats

Here is an outtake from me trying to photograph everything before he was allowed them, but he had already clocked the fox and wanted it!!

What treats has your pet tried recently?

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