Bump Watch – End of the Second Trimester Update

bump watch - second trimester updateGosh where have the passed few weeks disappeared to! It can feel like time is dragging when you are pregnant and just very excited to meet your little bean, then suddenly you look back and realise your whole second trimester is over (and you haven’t posted a bump update in over a month!) So this is technically a 23-29 week pregnancy update for you all, and its been a fairly eventful few weeks.

Plus I have some nice new maternity friendly clothes to show off, first being my new Mamaway Skinny Black Jeans in the picture above and below. Skinny Jeans aren’t really my thing, and I can’t say I’m really a convert now either, but I was sent these to style and review for Mamaway and I actually loved wearing them layered under my longer tunics and tops. Black jeans in general are something my wardrobe needs as I don’t own a pair and haven’t in many many years, so this was a nice change for me. These aren’t quite over bump jeans as the jersey doesn’t come right up over my bump like my other jeans do but the jersey top on them is super comfy and has a drawstring under the bump so you can tighten them if they don’t quite fit for a while till your bump gets bigger. 

Outfit: Top – F+F (not maternity section) / Jeans – Mamaway (excuse my slippers!)bump watch - second trimester update Outfit: Top – ASOS / Jeans – Mamaway / Necklace – Grey and Willow at House of Fraser 

I love this top from ASOS, Ive worn it for bump shot before but never shown you the back which has a huge deep v in it, its super comfy and still really smart which means it is greta for work or going out in the evening and is really easy to dress up with a necklace and heels (if your brave enough to still be wearing heels!)bump watch - second trimester update Outfit: Top – Bianca Nygard (not maternity wear) / Trousers – George at ASDA (not maternity wear) / Necklace – Grey and Willow at House of Fraser

I’ve had the top for ages and it’s just a really loose fitting black tee, but with a thick tighter low waist band, I usually wear it in the summer with my palazzo’s so I figured I’d try it last week and see if it fits and it was perfect over my bump. My mum bought me the trousers in ASDA last week too, I love palazzo’s in the summer anyway but mine are mostly zip up, these have an elasticated waist so are perfect for my bump at the moment. Getting some summer heat friendly clothing is my next challenge as most my summer clothes aren’t going to go near me once the weather gets a bit warmer. bump watch - second trimester update

And here is a little look at my bump progression over the past 4-5 weeks! I’m actually 30 weeks now and a little bit bigger again!! Eek! Luckily I still don’t feel particularly big and most people are saying my bump is very neat. I haven’t really gained weight anywhere else (maybe a little on my face) its just all gone on my bump at the moment and if you see me from behind I don’t look pregnant, hehe!

End of the Second Trimester Update

So whats happened with me over the last few weeks. Bean has gotten super active, which is awesome. We can now watch my bump moving and stretching when bean moves about. It’s not so much kicking though as I expected and had before, although I still get the odd spontaneous kick, now it definitely feels more like proper stretches and bean shifting position, but its very frequent (like all the time!)

I managed to come down with a rather nasty kidney infection, which was fun as I happened to be away when it started, then home for 3 days, then away in Scotland for a week! The pain was agonising in my back for 3-4 days (one during the drive to Scotland, which luckily I wasn’t having to do on my own) and I could barely move. I had a really bad fever for 2 days, constant shivering but with a high temperature, and of course needing to pee double the amount a normal pregnant woman needs to pee (which is a lot already!) But huge quantities of water and a nice dose of antibiotics and I was all better. But they are now just keeping a closer eye on my kidneys and getting samples off me all the time to check it stays cleared and doesn’t cause me any issues further down the line.

I’ve been having lots of woozy/dizzy spells, breathlessness and a quickened heart rate which originally I put down to caffeine, and it was often worse when I got out of the shower, which I had put down to the heat change. I had told my midwife so she checked my blood pressure which was actually much lower than expected. Then all was revealed when my 28 week blood results came back and highlighted that I have developed anaemia due to low iron! Which luckily is completely normal in the third trimester and I simply needed a 3 month iron prescription and up try and up my iron intake in my food. So I started that today and hopefully it will mean my symptoms ease off a little.

Other than that me and bean are all good. I’m still feeling great in myself, although starting to notice the extra weight a little now which is slowing me down, but nothing major. We have also just started to properly buy stuff and get ourselves and the nursery sorted, so I’ll be able to show that off to you all soon! Plus I still promise to get up a gender reveal at some point! So this is officially the end of my second trimester! yay! I am official in the last part of their pregnancy and can se the final stretch, I just can’t wait for my little bean to be here now!

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