One of the reasons we love Scotland – Scenic Drives and Beautiful Landscapes

scenic drives in scotlandScotland really is a beautiful country, and thats coming from someone who lives in Wales, which of course is also amazingly stunning! The scenic drives and beautiful landscapes is one of the main reasons me and Jon love visiting (and my family of course) but also one of the main reasons why we chose to make the 7-8 hour drive ourselves rather than flying up. The scenery when driving through scotland is just breathtaking, and it doesn’t matter what time of year you go, every season is stunning, whether in the dead of winter when the mountains are all covered in snow or the height of summer when everything is lush and green and in bloom. I suppose this time of year should be called spring, so most of the fields were just starting to come to life, and we were lucky enough to catch a few good days of weather, although even the rainy day didn’t dampen our spirits as you’ll see from the amazing rainbow shot Jon captured below.

Now this is a picture heavy post and all shots of our drives were taken by Jon (mostly through a car window!) using a Sony Xperia Z5 (yes, we are no longer iPhone users!!) no fancy camera’s in the car so we made do, and you can see just how amazing the drives were even with phone shots and a tiny bit of editing.

So this first shot is one of my fav’s actually, this is the road leading into Scotland itself, the very first site of Scotland you get if you drive up. It’s like a different world, the rolling hills on both sides of the motorway as far as you can see, quite often with a snow peak or 2, it makes the motorway drive totally worth it, and its the point at which I start getting excited, even though I still have 2 hours to go to Auchterarder! 
scenic drives in scotlandThe hills around Auchterarder are just so beautiful, this is pretty much the landscape in any direction if you drive from the little village. This was actually our return drive from Edinburgh as we decided to take the scenic route across the mountains instead of going straight down the main roads. This is the A823 from Muckhart to Auchterarder.
beautiful scottish landscapesFor anyone driving into Edinburgh this is a well known site, the Fourth Bridge! And Jon got a rather arty shot of it here, it’s another place I love as I know we are close to Edinburgh at this point and I adore the city so much, it’s full of life, history and culture.fourth bridge scotland See I told you there was an awesome rainbow shot! I don’t think I have ever seen a rainbow so clear and one that touches down on both ends! We had had loads of rain during the drive back from Edinburgh but then the sun poked through and this was the result, a stunning rainbow.scottish rainbow Lastly this is the drive from Auchterarder to Crieff. Possibly the most scenic drive of all, there is no need to take any major roads, you can B road it right across the countryside and it is spectacular. Not a long drive at about 20 minutes but so picturesque with tonnes of fields and lots of mountains to be seen, plus a whole host of country animals like pheasant, grouse, squirrels and rabbits! Plus you’ll pass some amazing houses, farms and general beautiful old buildings on the way too, enough to make you jealous and start playing the lottery!scenic drives in scotland And on the topic of beautiful places and scenic drives the next place on our list of places to visit is Ireland. It’s pretty easy and fairly cheap to drive over using the ferry from Wales, and we have been saying we will do it for a while now, but I think it will definitely become a reality once bean is here. I have visited once before as my grandfathers family was from Ireland and we took him to visit the area they came from, but I was only 11 or 12 at the time so don’t remember it much, and Jon has never been. If we do make it over we will be aiming to include a few of the Most Beautiful Drives featured in this eBook by – you can download the ebook for free if you are planning to visit or if you just want to nose at what was voted the most scenic places to visit. Here are a few pages from the eBook as a sneak peek just to get you started!Irelands Most Beautiful Drives Irelands Most Beautiful Drives Irelands Most Beautiful Drives Irelands Most Beautiful DrivesHave you visited Scotland or Ireland? What are your favourite places to visit, do you have any hidden gems for great scenic drives?



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