April Degustabox Review

April Degustabox Review If you follow our Instagram or twitter you will have seen that the May box has already arrived, and I’ve made dinner with one of the ingredients already. I am a little behind in posting the April Degustabox review as I was waiting to make something with one of the items so I could add a little recipe to this post, but sadly I just haven’t found the time to be creative with this box and most of it has just been eaten, which isn’t a bad thing, hehe! So instead I will just jump straight into this post and tell you what we thought of the items we received in the April Degustabox. Plus you’ll find a discount code at the end of the post if you would like to try Degustabox yourself.
April Degustabox Review

  • Canderel Sugarly Sweetener – This has been added to my baking cupboard and will no doubt be used at some point. I use the regular Canderel in my baking quite often if I want to make something a little healthier so know it will taste great. If your on Slimming World you could try the 1 syn Chocolate Brownies
  •  Thor Dry Apple Spritz – We received the Apple and Mint and Apple and Ginger varieties, sadly we weren’t that keen on either. We both dislike ginger so knew that one was unlikely to be a hit, but I was hoping to like the Apple and Mint but we just weren’t that taken with it. It was a nice fresh taste so I am sure if you like the flavour you would love these.
  • Levi Roots Jerk Chicken Sauce – As I can’t eat spice this was a no go in our house, but it went straight to my parents who really enjoyed the sauce. They had had some of the Levi Roots products before but hadn’t tried the Jerk marinade, it was quick and easy to cook with and gave a great flavour.
  • Popchips – We got the Sea Salt, Garlic and Rosemary flavour which were really yummy. I am a big crisp fan so finding a new brand or a healthier version (these have less than half the fat of normal crisps) is great for me. I hadn’t tried this brand before and I am really glad Degustabox introduced me to them, I have since bought 2 other flavours from Tesco! Still on the hunt of the other limited edition flavour though, Sea Salt, Caramelised Onion and Thyme. I enjoyed half the bag with a pot of humous too!
  • Rejuvenation Water – I got the Apple and Mint flavour which I quite enjoyed over Ice so it was super cold. It was a subtle flavour, not too strong but nice and refreshing. I enjoy finding and tasting new drinks like this so was happy to try this brand and will be testing out the other flavours if I can find them locally
  • Veetee Microwaveable Rice – Its always helpful having a pack of microwaveable rice in the cupboard for when I am on a tight time scale to make dinner. This time we had left over takeaway from the night before but needed some fresh rice so thought we would try these Veetee ones, they were really good quality rice and cooked quickly and easily. Would happily have them again in place of my usually microwavable rice.
  • Bebeto Fruit Strings – OK I should probably admit that I have a sweet tooth when it comes to  sweets, and this has been even worse during my pregnancy. So when I saw sweeties in the box I was very excited, and I love laces, which is essentially what these are, laces but in small lengths. I found that not all the flavours were as strong and rich as others (the strawberry was my least fav and the blackcurrant my fav!) but they were all pretty yummy and moorish, I just wish the bags were bigger, but I suppose they are meant to be little treats for kids. They are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and made using fruit juice to reduce the sugar content.
  • Parle G Biscuits and Rusks – Jon has munched the biscuits with a few cups of tea and I have been treating the Rusks like traditional french toast and having them with chocolate spread or peanut butter as a tasty afternoon or late evening treat, which has been great for helping me get through the day with my pregnancy as I’m often hungry at odd times, but can’t eat anything heavy so just want something to boost my energy for a while.
  • Green Lady Drink – Umm…no! I’m sorry this really wasn’t to our taste at all! I love iced tea or tea based drinks in general, so thought I would like this as it is made using Darjeeling Tea, but the infusion of nutmeg just wasn’t for me sadly.
  • Milkybar and Smarties bars – we all know how these taste. I had intended to melt these down and use them to make something dessert like (something like these chocolate and salted caramel cupcakes), but Jon decided to open them and eat them whilst we were working in our home office one afternoon and I didn’t argue! hehe! The Milkybars were smaller bars that were individually wrapped, so would be great for kids snacks. 

So that was everything in the April Degustabox, as you can see it was a good mixture of items and we had a few successes and fails as always, but that is why I love these boxes so much. I try items I usually wouldn’t bother buying.

If you’d like to try out Degustabox for yourself then just use this link and the code ‘BLDEG15’ for a great £6 off!

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