My Current Kitchen Gadget Obsession – Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer

Cheese Slicer ReviewWho knew a cheese slicer could bring me such joy, but it really does! If you follow me on instagram, twitter or possibly Facebook you may have seen my small cheese slicing accident a few weeks back. Me in my genius decided to make myself a cheese sandwich and slice a block of lovely cheddar with my very sharp ceramic knife…now some of you will already see what I did wrong here, your not meant to use a ceramic knife to cut something like cheese, this was not a fact know to me, until of course my hubby told me. Instead of slicing the cheese I sliced my finger when my index finger slipped down the back of the knife onto the tip end of the knife, I still have no idea how exactly I managed it but the slice was a fair length and depth and hurt like hell for days! Plus bleed a ridiculous amount for a very long time.

Since that point I have made Jon slice cheese to save me injuring any more of my digits! That is until I got myself this little beauty from Uncommon Goods. No danger of my slicing a finger any more and perfectly even cheese slices, which makes Jon very happy as he hated it when I left the cheese with weird angles cut out of it (is that a man thing?) It’s a pretty simple stainless steel base with a lift up handle and metal wire that cuts perfectly every time! So easy, yet brings me so much satisfaction. Plus it came with replacement wires should the current one break. I was surprised how easily it cut through a fairly hard block of mature cheddar too.

Me and Jon both love sandwiches, pitta’s and toasties as a quick light meal so actually slice a lot of cheese, so this cheese slicer has been used a ton since it arrived. I’ve noticed that my blocks of cheese are actually lasting a bit longer too as I am managing to get thinner slices than when using a knife, so thats a plus point too!

I think I have gotten to that age where I am happy to buy a kitchen gadget if it will get used and make my life a little bit easier in the long run (like my mandolin slicer which I also adore!) and Uncommon Goods has loads of other kitchen gadgets that I have been fancying too, find them all here, mainly the 45 second omelette maker and the personalised chopping boards (because who doesn’t need a chopping board with their name on it!)

On a side note I’ve also been enjoying the Uncommon Goods Blog where they talk to designers and creatives, get exclusive behind the scenes studio tours, show off upcoming designs and collections and even run competitions for artists and designers to get their products featured and sold on the website. So if you are a designer check it out and see what products they are on the look out for at the moment.  

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