March Degustabox Review and Discount Code

Degustabox Review Sorry for the delay in getting the March degustabox review up but as you would have guessed it has been a super busy time over here. Bean has just over 5 weeks left till D Day, and I am pretty sure that is going to fly by and manage to drag all at the same time! If you follow our Instagram, Facebook or twitter you will have seen a few of the products from the March Degustabox already when we have been enjoying them, but here is our Degustabox review of everything from the March box (or at least all the bits we have managed to eat so far). Plus at the end you’ll find a discount code should you wish to try out the box for yourself.Degustabox Review

As you can see March was filled with lots of tasty treat type things, which meant Jon could barely wait for me to take a picture of the boxes contents before he was tucking in to eat some of it.

  • Pain au Chocolate by Brioche Pastier – These were the first things to get polished off, we are quite familiar with the brand so knew what we were getting from the get go and were happy to tuck straight into them. These sweet little pastries are great for a quick breakfast or as a snack on the go as they are individually wrapped.
  • Metcalfe’s Skinny Popcorn – Again this is a brand we know well and really enjoy. This Cinema Sweet version was lovely and we enjoyed it one evening infant of the TV watching a film (like being in the cinema!!) Plus knowing it is a healthier option to regular popcorn means you don’t feel so guilt eating it.
  • Chewits – Who doesn’t love Chewits!!! We realised we probably hadn’t eaten them for years and we enjoyed a bit of a nostalgic moment when we ate them. They are yummy, chewy and bursting with fruity flavour and now I will have to go find some more!!
  • Weetabix On The Go – Now I really hate any milk type drink (as you will have seen me mention on past reviews) but Jon is usually a fan so at least tried them, sadly he wasn’t so keen on these ones, but can see how they could be good again if you need breakfast on the go as they are easy to grab.
  • Pipers Crisps in Cheddar and Onion Flavour – Again we are pretty familiar with the Pipers Crisp brand and often enjoy a pack when we see them in coffee shops. Me and Jon shared these over a few lunches with pitta bread sandwiches and they are great.
  • Good Hemp Original – A Dairy Free alternative to milk, again we weren’t much of a fan of this. I actually do enjoy almond milk occasionally for my cereal but just wasn’t too keen on this.
  • Lindt White Chocolate Bunny – Well as you can guess this also didn’t last long. Although I had had Lindt before I had actually never had any white chocolate from them. I’m not a huge white chocolate fan (I rather dark) but Jon does love white chocolate (and hates dark!) but we agreed to share this and I am very glad we did as I really enjoyed it. The chocolate wasn’t too sweet or sickly but was super smooth.
  • Kent’s Kitchen Stuffing – Now Jon is a massive stuffing fan with his sunday lunch so usually we would have cooked this up, but sadly we both really dislike the taste of Ginger and I’m allergic to apricots, so this particular flavour was a no go for us, but it was donated to the in-laws who were more than happy to try it out.
  • Parle Hide & Seek and Monaco Biscuits – I haven’t head of this brand before but I’m always happy to try a new biscuit out. The Hide and Seek chocolate biscuits were lovely and me and Jon shared the pack with a few cups of tea. The Monaco ones are a lot like Ritz crackers but slightly more salted, they were perfect with a bit of cheese, which is how I enjoyed them. I would happily buy both again if I saw them in the shops
  • Kallo Quinoa & Seeds Multigrain Cakes and Milk Chocolate Rice Cake Rounds – Now the chocolate ones I had had before (see cheesecake recipe below) and really enjoyed them, but I hadn’t tried the other ones. I had them for a light lunch one day with humous and smoke salmon which was yummy. I am a fan of a lot of the Kallo range and love that they are a healthy snack but still tasty.
  • Karyatis Meze to Go – I was really intrigued by this as it is a Mediterranean dip and crackers that you can take with you for lunch on the go, and it sounds yummy. But I completely forgot I had it and haven’t eaten it yet, but will try it soon so you will probably see it popping up on Instagram when I do.

No recipe this month as most of the items have been eaten as they are, hehe!! So instead check out my recipe for cheesecake using the Kallo rice cakes as a base, it was yummy.

If you’d like to try out Degustabox for yourself then just use this link and the code ‘BLDEG15’ for a great £6 off!

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