5 Perfect Pairs Of Shoes For When Your Pregnant

shoes for when your pregnant Feeling comfortable when your pregnant can be hard, especially when the weather starts heating up like it has done over the past few weeks. Finding comfortable shoes for when your pregnant can be difficult, between the sweating, the itching and for a lot of women the swelling, getting shoes that fit is a challenge, let alone ones that are comfortable and easy to get on and off (reaching your feet may be a challenge in itself towards the end of your pregnancy!) So here are a few ideas for perfect shoes for when your pregnant.

The Slip On Shoe – Things like daps, boat shoes and Toms style canvas shoes can be perfect for when you are pregnant. They are easy to slip on without any bending down and usually have a bit of give in them should your feet be a bit swollen. They are flat and comfortable usually so help if you are planning to walk for a little distance. (I adore the tropical floral print ones above)

The Back Zip Sandal – These have been my personal favourite during the last few weeks. My feet have been too hot for most closed in shoes so I have wanted to wear sandals but find doing up the buckles on a lot of my strappy ones can be a bit difficult on my own (I have just got Jon to do them on most occasions!) But the sandals with a back zip are a god send as they are much easier for me to put on myself as I can easily each the zip on the back and they are quicker to do up. (Those black scrappy sandals would go with so much in my wardrobe they would barely be off my feet all summer)

The Flip Flop – If your suffering from particularly swollen feet these are the perfect shoe as obviously they don’t restrict your foot at all, giving you lots of room if your feet are holding lots of water. These days they come in such a wide range of pretty designs your feet need not be boring just because you are pregnant, and they can be picked up relatively cheaply. (Go bold with the Orange Beaded Flip Flops above)

The Ballerina Flat – Always a firm favourite of mine no matter what time of year it is, the ballet flat is just incredibly versatile. You can find them in every colour, pattern or fabric, ranging from cheap to expensive and adorned with a huge array of beads, flowers, bling, bows, metal accents and all manner of other things. (he blue cut out ones above are super cute)

The Wedge Sandal – If you still want a bit of height but can’t face wearing a heel then a wedge sandal is the perfect alternative. It will give you a bit of lift but also be fairly stable due to the distribution of your weight covering the whole base of the shoe. Again these can be found in a huge array of styles whether you want strappy, slip on, covered or something a little different. (How lush are those Hugh Puppies Wedges!)

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