Amazing Gifts for One Year Old Babies

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How gorgeous is that little man above? Actually he isn’t so little anymore, he’s my best friends little boy and he’ll be 4 this month! Time flies so fast! But we are fortune to have photographed him and his new baby brother on a number of occasions (which you can see on the Cross-Jones Photography website!) over the years, although his 1st birthday cake smash remains one of my favourite shoots with him.

Obviously our little bean has yet to arrive so we are a long way off from worrying about 1st birthday parties and presents for him, but lots of our friends have little ones around this age. So today I am handing the blog over to Louise from Media Buzzer to chat to you all about amazing gifts for first birthdays.

How do you choose the best gift hampers? Finding a gift for a one-year-old isn’t easy. When you realize the first birthday of your child is on the way, and you have no idea of what gift to offer –most people scavenge the web for ideas and come up short. Here are a few ideas that will help you find a marvellous gift.

Pick out a Card

The first step is choosing a card for the special baby. The card can always accompany the gift you are going to buy. Cards are of different types and colours. Pick a colour that suits perfectly for the gender. 

If the card is for a girl, bright colours like red and pink are recommended. For baby boys, choose colour blue and white colours. Colours for both genders should be bright and catchy to attract the attention of the child. Always consider cards that have soothing melodies that will excite the toddlers.

Gift Ideas

Communication is the key to a perfect gift for your baby. Knowing what the child likes and also the size of the clothing and shoes will bring out ideas for the perfect gift. When you are throwing a party for your infant, it is best to include on the invitation the baby’s cloth and shoe size. This will give the guests an excellent opportunity to surprise you with great baby hampers.

Gift baskets are the best ideas for a one-year-old birthday. They make the best baby hampers. What does your child prefer? Always consider filling the basket with assorted items that your child likes. Gifts bags are convenient since they carry assorted items together.

Kids love getting toys for their birthdays. What is the perfect toy to buy? Always consider buying toys that grow with the kids. The toys serve the purpose when the children are one-year-old and also serve another purpose when they are two or three years old. 

Consider buying toys in sets, to make good baby hampers. If your kids have older siblings, always confirm if they need more toys before buying a toy for a gift.

  1. Toy phones

Babies love talking on toy phones. They always love to imitate their parents and pretend as if they are on phone conversing. Kids always love to do the same as their parents. Instead of buying them a real phone, get them talking toy phones. This can be the best gift for a year-old baby.

2. Toy ride

Always put in mind buying ride on toy as your kid’s gift. At one year, the child is making a progressive movement. Toddlers love scooting around on wheels. The toy gift will be fun for the baby and also aid the child to his first steps.

3. Pull toy

When also buying a gift toy for the one-year-old, consider buying a pull toy. The pull toys can resemble real dogs, cats or vehicles. The toddler will enjoy playing with such toys. Such toy will help the development of the baby and also help them have confidence when trying to walk.

4. Bath time toy

Babies enjoy bath times. You can buy bath time gifts toys that squirt and float. Bath time toys will be the best gifts for one year children. The toys will make bath times enjoyable, fun and exciting.

5. Clothes

Clothes are perfect gifts for one-year-old baby. Although kids grow fast and outgrow the clothes, it is important to know the exact size to buy. When you visit shopping malls, consider buying a set of clothing to serve as perfect baby hampers. You can purchase a dress accompanied by a pair of stockings or a pair of trousers accompanied by a shirt and a pair of socks.

To perfectly purchase a gift for a one year old, always trust your experience with the kid. As a parent you know your child better. Happy gift shopping!

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