Lidl Cien Lipstick Review

Cien Lipstick ReviewOk so make-up isn’t usually a subject I cover a lot of on here, but what most of you probably don’t know about me is I love lipstick! It has to be the easiest piece of make-up there is, just whack it on and you have an instantly look and you can go! I wear very little other makeup on a day to day basis, but will often put on just a quick swipe of mascara and a nice bold lipstick! I don’t usually do pinks or nude as they can look too pale on my already pale skin, but I love a good red!

When I noticed that my local Lidl had some stock of their Cien makeup range I thought I would check it out and grab a few of their lip products. At just £1.99 each or 2 for £3 they are a bargain, but it also means I didn’t have the highest hopes for them being that high a quality, but worth a go. Our store only 1 lipstick I liked, but they had 3 lip pencils which liked interesting so I bought them all! I actually love lip pencils as often find you can get a much neater and nicer line with them. So here is a little Lidl Cien Lipstick review for your all, just incase your local store happens to stock them at some point too.Lidl Cien Lipstick Review

So the swatches are in the top photo for you to see but here they are on my lips, from top left to bottom right – Lip Pencil 02 Strawberry Kiss, Lip Pencil 03 Love Letter, Lip Pencil 01 Coral Blush and Lipstick 26 Vintage Rose.

So first off I will say they all go on nice and smoothly, are really soft and quite moisturising (smell like moisturiser too!), and are quite well pigmented so you don’t need loads of coats. The staying power isn’t brilliant as you would expect, the lipstick lasted better than the lip pencils but they all came off quite easily if I had a drink or ate.

I loved all the colours except the 03 Love Letter Lip Pencil, which to be honest I expected as it is a way too much of a pale pink for me personally, but I thought I would take a risk and buy it as they were all on a 2 for £3 offer.

I will be keeping an eye out for other Lidl lipsticks in the Cien Makeup range in the future as for £1.50 they are really good and I can see them being great for everyday wear as long as you don’t mind reapplying them often (which I don’t as I usually work from home, so it’s just a case of popping them on when I have clients or go out to run errands.)

Have you tried any of the Lidl Cien Lipstick or Makeup range? Would you recommend any of it?

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