Maternity Wear Outfit Post with JD Williams

Maternity wear Well I am nearing the end of my pregnancy now (39 weeks!) so am at my biggest and having trouble fitting some of the clothing I bought at the start of my pregnancy. But I am not the kind of person to wear leggings, tracksuit bottoms or baggy T-shirts as you all know, so I am still trying my best to wear more interesting and stylish clothes, even ones that are not actually intended as Maternity Wear, like the dress in todays post. 

maternity outfitJD Williams have some great summer dresses on offer but I adored this Cape Sleeve Maxi Dress and figured it would work over the bump whilst I was still pregnant but still be wearable after bean has arrived. The bold floral print is perfect for the summer time and the style means that it fitted over my bump perfectly. As its a maxi it also does rise up too much as is still a good length on me. Luckily its made of some lovely light floaty material so it is great for keeping me cool even in this warm weather! I paired it with a sequinned belt to help keep it comfy over my bump and give it a little definition. I am usually a size 12 but ordered in a 16 so I would have enough tummy room.

maternity wear dress I’m fortunate my feet haven’t swollen most of the pregnancy (the odd hot day has made them a tiny bit puffy, but nothing compared to some of my friends) so I have gotten away with wearing my pre pregnancy shoes and sandals most of the time. I did get some new sandals to go with this lovely dress though as I really needed some practical flats, that still looked cute. These ones from Heavenly Soles are perfect, I like ones that strap to my foot to make sure my feet dont slip out and I like the back zips as they are easy to put on at the moment with the bump (buckles and laces take too long when I’m attempting to bend over and reach my feet!!

And of course this little terrorist was with us for our walk so he had to have a few pictures too. Don’t think we have posted any photos of him for a long time. He’s 18months old now and completely crazy but we love him so much. He’s looking a bit scruffy here as we are waiting for his grooming appointment (which he will have had Tuesday just gone!) but he loves nothing more than going for a walk, or a run in his case, romping around in long grass, jumping off things and playing in the river! cocker spaniel neath

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Dress and shoes provided by JDWIlliams

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