Bath time with Bathing Bunnies!

Bathing Bunnies Towel Gift SetWell Elian wasn’t too impressed with his first few baths, there was quite a bit of crying and tears, but now he’s nearly 8 weeks old and is loving the time in the warm water, now there is splashing instead of tears! And personally I love this time, especially the towel drying and cwtches afterwards (thats the welsh term for big cuddles by the way! Welsh cwtches are the best!)

Elian is very lucky to have been gifted an awesome personalised puppy towel gift set from Bathing Bunnies that we love to cuddle in after our bath. The gift set included a puppy towel which has his name embroidered on the back, and if you saw my Sassy Bloom Unboxing post you would know I am a big fan of personalised items as having an unusual name means you can’t buy personalised items in stores, as well as a puppy bath mitt and a great big puppy bib which we have been using lots when having our bottle. 

bathing bunnies newborn towel gift setThe Bathing Bunnies towel is lovely and soft and a great size to wrap up Elian nice and warm after his bath, and he loves me playing with the bath mitt as it is like a hand puppet, which often brings on some cute smiles! The bib is really big which means we will be able to use it when he starts trying proper food, but for now its really soft and great for wiping milky mouthes! 

Baby towel gift setBathing Bunnies have lots of other animal sets if your not a puppy fan, we especially love the pony, bunny, lamb, mouse and penguin! Plus you can purchase the towel on its on instead of as a set, and they do larger towels and hooded robes for toddlers too! Currently wondering if they can make one my size as it really is super soft so I’m pretty sure it would be cozy! 

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