Eek, I made a You Tube Video! – Sassy Bloom Unboxing and Review

Eek! So I totally made (and actually posted) my first YouTube video! I’ve wanted to start doing YouTube videos for so long but I hate the sound of my own voice on video as it doesn’t sound like me in my head (do you get that?) Anyway I had a few boxes delivered recently and decided an unboxing video would be a great place to start, nice and simple! 

I’ve been umming and ahhing over whether to subscribe to Sassy Bloom since before Elian was born but decided to bite the bullet and get a years subscription so this is the unboxing of the first box! Please be gentle with me while I try and work out if videos are for me and aim to get a bit better at making them! hehe!

I’m pretty pleased with the first box. The range of products is good, as I didn’t just want toys, I like that it includes stuff for Elian to play with (or hold at least) but also the clothing and the fun impression kit which is more for us than him! The impression kit is probably my favourite item and I’ll be testing it out soon so will have to get a few pictures for you guys and review that once its done.

The box cost me £25.95 (on the 12 month subscription) and I have calculated the items to have a total approx cost at RRP of £44.43, which isn’t a bad deal. I’m pretty pleased with all the items we received, but I’m most pleased and looking forward to using the Baby Art Impression Kit as that is quite fun and different. I think the range of products was great in the first box as I was a little worried it would just be toys, so I’m pleased there is a range of items.

*Please note I wasn’t sent this box for free, I have signed up for a 12 month subscription myself! If you fancy signing up too and use my link –>here… You can get £10 off your first box.

We are now looking forward to getting box number 2, so keep an eye out on YouTube and here for another Sassy Bloom unboxing and review.

Sassy Bloom Unboxing

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