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blogging pet peevesI was tagged by Sarah over at Toby Goes Bananas to complete the Blogging Room 101 Tag and discuss my blogging pet peeves, or what I would put into room 101! Now I don’t pretend to be any sort of blogging expert, but in the 7 years I have been blogging (5 on Daisy Dayz and 2 here on Two Hearts One Roof) I have probably read, or at least looked at, 1000’s of blogs covering all sorts of subject matter and from writers all over the world so I have developed a small list of pet peeves that will have me clicking off a blog the moment the page loads (or doesn’t load see pet peeve number 2!!)

  1. Automatic music! – This drives me mad! It starts when you least expected it, usually scares the crap out of me and is just super annoying. Especially when I’m reading blogs late at night or when Elian is sleeping 
  2. Majorly slow load time – I like to read and hop around blogs at a fair pace, so if it takes more than a few seconds to load, I’m likely to move on. I don’t mind if images take a while as long as I can read the text, but when whole sites take an age it just isn’t worth my time.
  3. Unreadable font – either the type of font or a font colour that makes it difficult to read on a coloured background
  4. ‘Follow Me!!!!’ Comments – It’s just rude and such a newbie thing to do! I honestly don’t mind people dropping their link in my comments so I can check out their blog in return but I’ll only follow blogs I like to read
  5. Low Quality Pictures – Good cameras aren’t expensive these days and learning some basic editing skills will go a long way. If your serious about blogging images are so important and I really can’t excuse crappy quality, pixilated images, tiny images or ones where you just can’t see product or subject, it’s lazy!
  6. Bad Blog Layouts – either when the main text body overlaps the side bar, or things are just placed randomly with no continuity, getting a good quality blog layout or template isn’t expensive or difficult so there is no need for bad layouts
  7.  Too many google ads – Do you really need them all around your main text body, in your side bar and between every post, urgh! 
  8. Terrible spelling and bad grammar – Mine can be crappy at the best of times, then there is the fun of auto correct sometimes, so I can excuse the odd error, but when a post is littered with awful spelling and bad grammar I just don’t have the energy to read it.

So now I’m meant to tag 5 other bloggers but I think lots have people have already done this tag or something similar so I shall just leave it open for any bloggers who may want to do this tag. Link me up if you post your Pet Peeves as I’d love to check them out!

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