Little Dude at 2 Months old

Elian 2 months old update OMG can you believe that our little dude is 2 months old already! They say the last few weeks of pregnancy are the slowest weeks ever, and that is totally true, but in comparison the first few weeks with a newborn are the fastest moving ever, I literally have no idea where 11 weeks have disappeared to. But what an amazing 11 weeks they have been.

Elian has changed our world so much, and we are so in love with this tiny being, even through the difficult times, he makes everything worth while. A simple smile and babble is enough to make my day no matter how tired I may be. I plan to tell you all about my/Elians’s birth story but I’m finding it hard to put down in words so I may have to film it as a YouTube video instead. But I realised I haven’t given you guys any updates on his progress since he was born, although I haven’t really blogged much in general yet as we are still adjusting to having a little person whilst still running a business, blog and house. I promise not to turn this completely into a parenting blog but he’s obviously our whole life at the moment so will be making lots of appearances on the blog!

Family photo - Elian 2 months oldHe was born 8lbs 6oz and 54.5cm long, and at his 8 week check up last week he is now 12lbs 10oz and 61cm long! He’s my big boy and growing well as you can see. He Loves: Cuddles with anyone, milk, the colour green (he’s been staring at the TV when the gymnastics has been on, but not any other sport! I put it down to the bright green colour) and bath time! He Hates: being put down, not being able to see us (mainly in the car), getting dressed isn’t much fun either (he’d rather be in his nappy all day tbh)

Milestones – Well it turns out little dude was pretty early at meeting some of his first milestones. He was lifting his head up very early as he is pretty strong, and is really good at supporting his head on his own now. He started smiling properly when he was 5 weeks old, which I can honestly say is one of the best things ever. And the babbling came in full force by the time he was 6 weeks, which is super cute, and he has started doing it lots more now and getting louder, which is funny. And he has just started reaching, grabbing and batting toys on his car seat, activity chair and play gym (although he won’t go down for more than a few mins)

Sleeping – Elian loves to sleep, spends plenty of time asleep…as long as he is lying on someone, someone is holding him or he is pressed against my boobs (preferably with a nipple in his mouth). So although we have a Chicco Next to Me crib he usually sleeps in bed with us. Luckily he is sleeping in big chunks at night so we usually only wake once for a feed then wake properly between 8-9 which is great for us. He doesn’t really believe in routine yet so we don’t have any sort of sleep/feeding pattern but we’re not too worried at the moment as he gets plenty of both, is growing well and is a happy chap most of the time. He doesn’t like being put down in general, even in his activity chair or on his play gym, so I have a limpet baby who likes to be attached to an adult at all times, but I won’t complain as I enjoy the cuddles most the time. 

Feeding – Boy does my little boy love his food (like his daddy!). We are combination feeding breast (from the boob) and formula (from the bottle) for a number of reasons; I wasn’t well after he was born so found feeding as often as he needed difficult, I simply don’t seem to produce enough breastmilk to keep up with his appetite, and we knew he was going to need to spend time with his grandparents (including over night stays) quite early on due to the weddings we already had booked so them being able to easily feed him was quite important. Luckily Elian doesn’t really care what he is fed, how he is fed it or at what temperature it comes at, he just loves to eat, which is clear from his nice quick weight gain (although he is perfectly on track with his length and birth weight projections). He usually has 3 bottles a day (5-7oz each time) and then breastfeeds on demand (or to get him to sleep) the rest of the time.

and me…Well as some of you may know I didn’t get my planned home birth and ended up with an emergency c-section, I won’t go into details now but I healed well initially and was up and about super fast. But the very end of my scar has had trouble healing and has reopened a few times, meaning lots of trips to see our lovely local nurses, but it looks like it is finally healed properly, so fingers crossed for me. Some of my tummy can still be tender and numb, but I know its only been 9 weeks and a c-section is major surgery so I’m still healing.

So thats us! Hopefully I’ll remember to update you guys next month!

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