What do Babies Dream About?

babies dream aboutWhat do babies dream about? Is that a question you have ever asked yourself? Me and Jon have found ourselves asking that question numerous times since having the little dude. As a new parent you spend lots of time staring (lovingly!) at your peacefully sleeping little one (sometimes thanking god that they have finally gone to sleep!) and you will often notice their eyelids flickering, mouth twitching and hands moving, so they must be dreaming about something right. We like to joke that Elian just dreams about boobies as he often makes sucking motions in his sleep and smiles, hehe! What boy doesn’t like to dream about boobies! Obviously his life experiences and knowledge of things is still pretty limited at only 16 weeks old, so he must dream about something he has experienced… toys, boobs and us!

And its just the same with older children (and husbands!), you can tell when their dreaming by their body and facial movements, but unlike with babies older children can tell you what they dream about, if they remember. Thats why I love this little video from dream expert Ian Wallace and adjustablebeds.co.uk explaining what childrens dreams mean. 


I can’t wait until Elian is a little older and can tell us about his fun imaginative dreams as childrens imaginations really do run wild when they sleep, which the kids in the video prove. I’d love to dream more about unicorns, castles, disney characters and fun adventures but sadly I’m not one to have vivid dreams that I remember, but Jon often has very elaborate and vivid dreams, usually involving video game elements (think Call of Duty!!) So maybe Elian will follow his dad in the sleeping/dreaming department. 

Have your children ever told you about their fun dreams? I would love to hear about their crazy dreams and what you think they might mean? 

What do you think babies dream about? Any theories other than boobs?

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