Christmas Degustabox Unboxing, Reviews and Discount Code

Degustabox ReviewThis last month seems to have flown by, Christmas is approaching super fast and it’s time for another Degustabox review! Honestly the day I get the text from DPD telling me what time my Degustabox will be being delivered is my favourite day of the month, and I hate it if I am out and have to hope my neighbours are in to take the box or I have to wait an extra day or 2 to have it redelivered! This month its the Christmas box so I had all my fingers crossed for some tasty treats as last years Christmas box was awesome.

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So let’s find out what we got in our Christmas Degustabox:

  • Hartley’s Glitter Jelly – These large jelly packs are awesome! I’m pretty sure we received one of these last year and I made some Lambrini jelly with it. The glitter makes it great fun for kids and perfect for this party season! I plan on using these to make some festive hairdo style sweets!
  • Christian Potier Hollandaise Sauce – OMG this is literally one of my favourite things ever to have received in our Degustabox! I adore Hollandaise sauce but can never be bothered to make it from scratch so only ever have eggs Benedict when I am out, this made making my favourite breakfast super super easy and it was blinking delicious! So big thumbs up from us.
  • Butterkist Choc Mallow Popcorn and Sweet Cinema Popcorn – We love Butterkist Toffee and Sweet popcorn so are really looking forward to tasting this Choc Mallow one but we are saving it for our cinema date night trip next week!! The cinema is delicious as always!!
  • Ryvita Caramelised Onion Thins and Black Pepper Crackers – Well if you’ve been reading the blog a while (specifically these Degustabox posts) then you will know I am allergic to black pepper so can’t eat anything spicy, but these have found a new home with my in-laws who enjoy them cheese! But I am super excited to try the caramelised onion thins with humous! Love anything caramelised onion flavour.
  • Pipers Crisps, Wild Thyme and Rosemary Flavour – We love Pipers crisps as you can get them lots of different places here. I loved these crisps, the flavour wasn’t too strong but was still packed with flavour. Will be looking for them in the supermarket. 
  • Jules Destropper Butter Crisps – You will have seen me trying these in the video above and they are blinking delicious, 7 in the pack totally wasn’t enough. Me and Jon promptly devoured the whole pack after I filmed the unboxing!
  • J20 Glitterberry – This glittery berry favoured J20 is great for the festive season and could make a great base for a cocktail! (Hmm theres an idea for another blog post!) We have had these at Christmas time for the past few years and Jon is a fan as he likes how sweet they are.
  • Michel et Augustin Dark Chocolate Cookie Squares – These little square biscuits are topped with a smooth dark chocolate that is delicious. Sadly even Jon liked them so I didn’t get to eat the whole packet like I usually would with dark chocolate items. I’m hoping they might do them in bigger packs too!
  • Apple Kids Co The Gruffalo Golden Apple Juice – These cute little juice cartons would be perfect for your little ones lunch box or while on the go as they are 100% natural and have no added sugar. I did try one and they were lovely, nice and crisp apple juice!
  • The Good Cider Company – I have tried this brand on a few occasions before and I love their cider, just wish I could find it in pubs and restaurants locally to me. This time we received a strawberry and lime and a wild berry one, I’ll either be keeping them for Christmas or using them in a recipe this week! Yum!
  • Ahmad Tea Ltd – I’m a fan of tea, but I rather the traditional british breakfast tea (good old Tetley!) so this really isn’t up my street, but they are being passed onto my best friend who loves tea of all forms!
  • Broderick’s Crunchy Slam Dunk Peanut Chunk – This is something else that didn’t last long, as soon as I got in from filming the unboxing me and Jon split it and it was yummy! Its a bit like a millionaires shortbread but with rice crispies in the base and peanuts in the caramel. It was tasty! Sadly not big enough (when I had to split it with Jon!!)

So that is everything we received in our Christmas Degustabox, lots of nice treats this month which is great as we can eat most of it without any cooking! Yum! Remember if you fancy trying out the box for yourself you can get £7 off with my code ’65K3Q’

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