Christmas Gift Guide – Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

Gift ideas for dads

If your looking for gift ideas for dads or granddads or the other special men in your life this gift guide should have some perfect ideas to get your started on your christmas shopping. I find men are the hardest people to buy for at christmas time, unless they have a real specific hobby or are big fans of something (like Marvel Superhero’s, check out my Marvel gift guide here). Sadly other than photography Jon doesn’t really have a hobby, he isn’t in to any sports and doesn’t drink beer or anything like that so that takes a lot of gifts off the cards, making him difficult to buy for. So if your man is hard to buy christmas gifts for check out these ideas.

gift ideas for dads - shaving sets

Mens Shaving Products – Whether the man in your life has a full beard he needs to trim and tame, an artistically edged goatee or moustache or is clean shaven they all need shaving products of some sort. You can pick up lots of great shaving kits and sets on the high street or online so there are lots of options for your man. Jon loves The Real Shaving Co (get them in Boots) as the products smell great and they don’t affect his eczema. 
gift ideas for dads shaving kits

Or if you want to get your man a gift that last longer how about a shaving subscription from Cornerstone. We are big fans of Cornerstone in the Two Hearts household and Jon has reviewed their box before. He loves their shaving gel so much we have purchased it separately since using the box originally. You need very little of he product and it gives such a smooth shave and stops his skin getting irritated which he often has a lot of issues with! (p.s. keep an eye out for a Cornerstone giveaway during my 12 days of Christmas giveaway event!)
magnetic tool kit

Useful Tools – Even if he isn’t in to DIY all men need tools of some kind. Occasions always crop up when you need a screwdriver (opening battery compartments on toys!!) or other small tools so why not get him his own useful tool kit. Small ones that are easy to store are great. Jon is after a magnetic screw driver set this year for when he takes apart computers as holding on to the tiny screws can be difficult. Small tool sets are also great for stocking fillers!


A Chiminea or Firepit! – I know that might sound a bit mad but I swear every man loves fire! I think it must be the neanderthal in them coming out, so I’m 100% sure that all the man in your life would love a Chiminea or Firepit even if they have never shown an interest in them before. Jon was so excited to get ours from The Chiminea Shop up and running when it arrived and is always looking for boxes or papers to burn now as a reason to light it up. Plus it looks lovely in the evenings. I can’y wait for us to get more of the garden and patio sorted in the spring so we can sit outside in the evening with it burning. Plus even if you’ve only got a small garden Chimineas are pretty compact space wise.

gift ideas for dads - coffee subscription

Coffee Club Subscription  – If your man is a coffee drinker this is the ultimate gift for him, a 3 month coffee subscription where he will receive 2 different coffee blends each month, delivered straight to your door. The perfect way for him to discover new coffee beans and the best treat for him to enjoy every morning for weeks on end.

gift ideas for dads personalised keyring

Quirky Keyrings – All men have keys in some form! So a keyring will never go unused. I love this favourite song sound wave keyring and think it is a great quirky personalised gift for any man. Jon is into music (even has a sheet music tattoo of the first 4 bars of Paranoid by Black Sabbath on his arm!) so I think this would be totally up his street. Although if your man isn’t into music there are lots of other quirky personalised keyring ideas on Not On The Highstreet, so your bound to find one to suit your man!

gift ideas for dadsSomething a bit fun!  – Why not just get him something a bit fun like this virtual reality headset! This one simply uses videos you can download onto your smartphone to transport you into a virtual world with 360 degree movements and tracking. Enjoy discovering somewhere new, riding a rollercoaster or even being chased by dinosaurs. Its just a bit of fun but all dudes have that little bit of geek in them that will love this!

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