Christmas Gift Guide – Gift Ideas for Foodies

gift ideas for foodiesHave you got a foodie friend or relative who just loves sweet treats, unusual drinks or just trying something new? Then this is the gift guide for you. My dad is a bit of a foodie who loves to try out new foods and adores cooking so I am always looking for great foodie items to add to his presents for christmas time. I have found some brilliant sweet treats and great foodie gift ideas to share with you, some a little more unusual than others!

gift ideas for foodies - Handmade Fudge

Handmade Fudge or other sweet treats make for a great gift for foodies at Christmas time, whether as a gift or a stocking filler they are sure to be a big hit. I picked up this posh fudge at TKMaxx (or Homesense) which I find is great for these unusual food items that you usually cant’t find in supermarkets. They always seem to have sweets and treats from around the world or small independent companies, so we will often pick up a few items for different people at Christmas time. gift ideas for foodies - Gourmet Popcorn

Gourmet Popcorn is another great alternative to buying the usual chocolate at Christmas time. Popcorn seems to have become far more popular in the last year and there are some amazing gourmet popcorn companies popping up, but we love Joe and Seph’s!! We were sent some to try and it is bloody delicious! These two are caramel, Belgian chocolate and mint which I love as I’m a big mint fan, and Caramel and Spanish brandy which had an amazing buttery taste to it rather than tasting like alcohol. They have some awesome other flavours and some random ones if you have a real foodie in your life who likes trying new stuff. How about Marmite? Sweet Chilli? Mojito? Goats Cheese and Black Pepper? or something more traditional like Strawberry Cheesecake? Peanut Butter or Honey and Hazelnut? All of which I’d like to try!

Gift ideas for foodies - Special wine

Drinks with a Difference – So neither of us really drink alcohol, but sometimes I will partake in a fruity cider or something similar. Thats why I love a fruity non alcoholic wine like this Eisberg one which is lovely and fresh tasting or this new Passionfruit Lambrini, who doesn’t like Lambrini! Sometimes a bottle of something a bit different can make a great gift. Both of these bottles are great gift ideas for foodies, although probably best for the ladies mind you! 

recipe box, gift guide for foodies

“Recipe Boxes or Meat Hampers – OK so this is something a bit different, but if your friend or relative is a serious foodie and love to cook then they will love this idea. There are lots of great companies out there to get recipe boxes from but in the Two Hearts household we are big fans of Simply Cook boxes and you will see quite a few recipe reviews on the blog already. Or if you like the idea of a hamper you could try the ultimate hamper for meat lovers and get them something from Musclefood we recently received the 100 piece ultimate lean meat hamper and it is huge and amazing! If you use code ‘2HEARTS1ROOF’ when purchasing the 100 piece hamper you’ll get £10 off too!! (p.s. keep an eye out for my 12 days of Christmas giveaways as I have a super awesome foodie giveaway from Musclefood!)

gift ideas for foodies

Recipe Books – They are always a good idea and there is an abundance of them out there! Literally thousands of them covering every type of cuisine or cooking method so you can get one that will suit the foodie in your life. You can pick up lots on Amazon, from your local supermarket or for a real bargain I get them in The Works!

Veg Kit

Grow Your Own Kits – I recently found these awesome ‘Grow Your Own’ Kits on Amazon from Plant Theatre and think they would make a perfect present for foodies. This is the funky veg kit but they have a whole host of other great kits like edible flowers, red hot chillies, cocktail garden and psychedelic salad! 

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