Christmas Gift Guide – Gifts for a Young at Heart Grandmother

Gifts for grandmothers

Yes, it’s that time of year already, time to talk about Christmas gifts and ideas! Yay!! Now if your organised you’ve probably already started shopping (or even finished shopping!!) but if your not so organised you might be just starting to think about gift ideas for certain members of your family. So here are some gift ideas for grandmothers to get you started. If you’ve got a young at heart grandmother in your life she might not want the stereotypical ‘Nanna’ gifts, my mum is in her 50’s and is a very young at heart grandma to our little dude so she has inspired some of these ideas.

Modern and Edgy Jewellery

git ideas for grandmothers - design your own jewellery

A really stunning statement necklace or chunky bracelet really doesn’t need to cost a fortune these days and they make for great gifts. Diwah is a new ‘design your own’ jewellery website that I have now fallen a little bit in love with! So instead of buying Grandma something from the highstreet you can make her something special and personalised just for her! (This necklace is all mine though!! hehe!!) They have 100’s of different beads and components to use so the possibilities are endless and you’ll have great fun designing it. Or if your grandma is a little creative you could buy her a voucher so she could create her own. Go check them out if you like the idea of making your own jewellery but find actually doing it too fiddly or time consuming. (p.s. keep an eye out for my 12 days of Christmas giveaways as I have an awesome giveaway coming up from these guys!!) Find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Beauty Gift Sets 

gift ideas for grandmothers - beauty gift sets

Everyone loves a good beauty gift set, right? Or at least all ladies do! I adore these ones from Yardley as the scents are lovely and they are really purse friendly so you can get them for all the ladies in the family. My mum loves hand cream, she says its the reasons her hands don’t look 50 (she has really young looking hands!) she uses it multiple times a day so I know hand creams will always be a big hit with her as she goes through them quickly. The little cracker gifts are perfect for stocking fillers or secret santa gifts too, and they have gifts for men too. Find them on Facebook and Twitter too!

Reed Diffusers/Room Scents

reed diffusers

These are the new oil/candle burners! A few years ago we were all into oil burners, but they can be super strong and a bit dangerous if you have little ones, so now there are reed diffusers. My mum has these babies dotted all over her house. They let off the scent gradually and are a bit more mellow than an oil burner, plus they last ages. This Red Rose one from Heart and Home is a perfect festive red colour for Christmas time and I love the decorative vase it comes in. Heart and Home have a stunning range of candles too and even an advent calendar with mini candles in each day! Super cute! I’m really fancying the Christmas Cupcake candle at the moment, perfect for this time of year. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for special offers too!

Personalised Photo Mugpersonalised photo mug

What Grandma wouldn’t want a mug with her grand child/children on! Or parents and grandparents in general actually! We live in too much of a digital age at the moment so we have tones of pictures on our phones and Facebook but we do very little with them, so now is a great time to turn them into adorable mugs (or other personalised photo products!) This one is from Mr Nutcase and at the moment mugs are on offer for just £4.50! I received this one for the gift guide but it turned out so well I’m now ordering them for all the family (sorry to spoil the surprise guys!!) as we are all big tea drinkers! Check out their other personalised products (personalised beer and vodka anyone?) for all the family. See their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too!

Art Prints

Fox Print

I think art prints are a great gift idea for grandmothers as you are sure to find one she will love as there are so many amazing artists out there. This stunning midcentury modern style fox print as by a lady called Fiona who runs and designs all the work on Fiink Design. All her prints are bold and geometric like these foxes. Plus she does amazing paper cut art too! We are massive massive fox fans in this house, in fact little dudes room has a fox motif theme and he has a surprising number of clothes with foxes on too. Check out her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for her new work.

And Don’t forget the tags!

Christmas tags

We love gift wrap and tags in our family. And I am loving these cute typographic ones from Artfull Puffin this year, they will make my xmas wrapping a little bit more special and fun. I really like how they are simple and modern looking compared to most gift tags you find which are bright, a bit garish and sometimes covered in glitter!! I can promise you, its the little touches like cool gift tags that Grandma’s will love. These guys also do some super cute cards too (plus a set similar to these tags!), so if your looking for your christmas cards for this year check them out! Here’s their Etsy shop too!

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