Christmas Gift Guide – Gift Ideas for New Mums

gift ideas for new mums

Christmas is coming!! And today I am bringing you another gift guide to help you get some ideas for the perfect Christmas present. This time its gift ideas for a new mum (just like me!!) New mums have so much going on in their lives and will only be thinking of their little one especially if its their first Christmas, so its nice for them to be spoilt with a special gift just for them. Here I’ve listed a few ideas for the perfect gift you could buy a new mum and I promise she will love it! Personalised items are always going to be a big hit but so are practical items that will make her life a little easier or that will allow her to feel great.

Personalised Baby Birth Print

personalised baby birth print - gift ideas for new mumsThis has to be one of my favourite new additions to my family wall on the staircase. I already have a print for mine and Jons marriage on the wall and now we have this beautiful print for Elians Birth. I think commemorative prints like this are a perfect keepsake gift for any new mums. This one is from PhotoFairytales and I absolutely love it! It shows his full name, date of birth, birth weight, length, time of birth, place and a little message from us. It is something I will treasure for a long time and it looks great on our photo wall on our staircase. PhotoFairytales has loads of other great printed and personalised products for all occasions, I think this ‘Meaning of a Name’ print would also be a perfect New Mum gift. Check out their Facebook for new products and offers.

Teething Jewellery

gift ideas for new mums - teething jewellery set

This has been one of the best items I was given when dude was little. Although he isn’t properly teething quite yet he does like to grab onto things when he is being carried and when I breast feed him. Grabbing at me and pawing me whilst feeding has become a lot worse in the last month, but luckily if I am wearing my teething necklace he will grab onto that instead of scratching my chest. He has started putting things in his mouth to bite on a lot more the last few weeks and this bracelet by Lara & Ollie from Crab and the Fox has become a favourite. Its made of a soft food grade silicon and is easy for me to slip on and off for him to pop in his mouth when he wants to, and he enjoys chewing on the rubbery texture. Crab and the Fox have some stunning baby clothes on their store too, plus other baby products, I’m very tempted by their cute baby bum leggings! See their Facebook for their latest offers and new products. (p.s. keep an eye out for my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways as I have a lovely treat from Crab and The Fox for one lucky reader!) 

Personalised Photo Mug

personalised photo mug - gift ideas for new mums

I love this mug I made on Mr.Nutcase with the photo we took of little dude after his first bath, and I can assure you any mum (as long as she drinks tea or coffee) will adore having their favourite photo of the little one on an item they can use daily. This one was made for my mum but I will be buying a few more for me and Jon and Elian’s other grandparents. Mr Nutcase has loads of other personalised printed products too so you can deck out the whole family for christmas!

Baby Books 

baby led weaning - christmas gift ideas for new mums

Baby’s don’t come with a manual! And you have to learn very quickly! A lot of it does come innately or from your parents and peers but sometimes having a book or website to read up on certain things can really help. I’m not suggesting you purchase these exact books but a general baby book can help hugely. If mum and dad do plan on trying baby led weaning then a baby lead recipe book is a great gift idea and I love the look of some of the recipes in these books and will be using them once little dude starts weaning properly after christmas.

Pampering Beauty Products

spa beauty products

New mums don’t get a huge amount of time to themselves once their little one arrives, so having the chance to pamper themselves a little doesn’t happen very often (if every!) Treat them to some pampering beauty products from Elemental Herbology so they can look after their skin from home when they can find some time in their busy schedule. Literally the opportunity to simply paint my nails is a huge accomplishment for me right now, and it makes me feel so nice. I’d love to have time to visit a spa or beautician but it’s unlikely with little dude at the moment, so having spa products at home is a good compromise!

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