Degustabox Winter Box Unboxing, Review and Discount Code

This last month seems to have flown by, Christmas is approaching super fast and it’s time for another Degustabox review already! It seriously doesn’t seem to have been that long since the Christmas Degustabox was delivered, which was a big hit in our house as it had lots of treats in it. You can see my unboxing video above and check out our review of all the items below, we’ve eaten the majority of it already! hehe!

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So let’s find out what we got in our Winter Degustabox:

  • Hoots Snacks – These were really nice, like mini crips breads but flavoured like crisps. They were pretty moorish and before I noticed it I had eaten the entire packet! 
  • Nutri-Brex Cereal – We had these before, but there were a different flavour as far as I remember. These ones are coconut and crispy rice and me and Elian have been enjoying them for breakfast. They are the first cereal I have tried with him (we are doing abbey led weaning) and he seems to like them lots
  • Newton’s Appl Fizzicx – Again we have had a bottle of this before, last time I used it in an awesome Recipe for a slow cooked ham and it was delicious, so this bottle will probably get the same treatment. 
  • a2 Milk – I have never heard of this before and luckily no one in our family suffers with any sort of diary allergy – this is meant to be an alternative if you are allergic to the a1 dairy protein. But it tasted just like normal milk so got used on cereal and in tea!
  • Maggie 3 Minute Noodles – These seem to be just like a pot noodle, which isn’t something I usually eat, so they are still in the cupboard at the moment, but I will probably have them when I need a quick lunch when Jon isn’t here. Ready noodles and pasta are great for quick lunches when you have a busy day and a on the go baby!
  • Eisberg Non-Alcoholic Wine – I have actually spoken about this brand on the blog before! They featured in one of my Christmas Gift Guides. As I am still breastfeeding I don’t drink (actually I barely drink anyway!) so this non alcoholic wine is great if I am having dinner with family or friends.
  • Bite+ Multi Grain Flakes – These little things are blinking delicious! They look like Frosties but are savoury rather than sweet! I had the sour cream and chive one and wolfed the whole bag whilst watching TV! Far too moorish!
  • Gallo Microwave Risotto – I absolutely loved this, as did Elian who had a few spoonfuls of it with me. It was really great for a quick meal, again when Jon was working. The risotto was creamy and cheesy and totally yummy! I will be looking for more to keep in the cupboard as they are perfect for busy mum lunches
  • What A Melon Drinks – Umm, if you read these posts often you will know I am not much of a fan of strange drinks, and although this one isn’t particularly strange, I sadly still wasn’t a fan of this. Its pretty much just watermelon water and maybe on a really hot day it would be pretty refreshing, just not me!
  • Oh Fudge! – We had the Apple Spice and Cinnamon one and they were really tasty and perfect for this time of year!
  • Bahlsen Akora and Lebkuchen Mischung – We often pick these up in Lidl at this time of year. They are German biscuits, usually Gingebread type flavour, but not hard like a British gingerbread biscuit, soft and just slightly hinted with gingerbread. They are delicious and I found I ate quite a large quantity of the bag before Jon got a look in! Oops!



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