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Cotswold RAW dog food review

Just before Christmas Opie received a little parcel from the Cotswold RAW dog food company which contained 4 different RAW dog food products. The trial pack contained 2 packs of their active dog mince (Turkey and Lamb) and 2 packs of their active dog sausages (Beef and Lamb). The active food is meat for dogs who have an active lifestyle or are working dogs, Opie is very energetic and active so it was perfect for him. The Active range is 80% raw meat and 20% quality vegetables. The meat arrives frozen so you just pop it into your freezer and then defrost it as and when you need it, they last 72 hours once defrosted. Each pack was enough for 2-3 meals for Opie as we also added a small cup of dry food to his meals but how long they last will depend on the size of your dog and how much they eat daily. Heres Opie’s little dog food review

Cotswold RAW dog food reviewCotswold RAW are a small family run British company based in the Cotswolds (obviously!) Their food is all made from British and, where possible, locally sourced meat and vegetables. Dogs are carnivores and as such are designed to eat raw meat. The owners of Cotswold RAW changed their own dogs diet to raw meat and vegetables and soon noticed an improvement in their behaviour, digestion and overall health and appearance, and the Cotswold RAW food company was born.

You can see Opie trying the RAW dog food for the first time in this vlog from our day 4 of our Vlogmas. He really wasn’t too sure to start with (he’s more used to his meat being cooked!) but once he had tried it he wolfed it all down, and he even asked for some more. He got used to us defrosting his meat every other day so would sit next to the counter where it was defrosting when he was hungry.

We found the food really convenient (in all honesty I much rathered the pack of raw meat in the fridge than I do the half empty tins of dog food on my counter!) and it doesn’t smell bad like traditional tinned dog foods does, which is great! We simply mixed a portion of the mince with a small portion of his dried food, or sliced the sausages and mixed them with his dry food. He loved them all, but I think the lamb sausages were his favourite. We are definitely going to be purchasing some more as he really enjoyed them all and I love the fact that the products are all natural and so much better from him than tinned dog food. 

I can’t honestly say we saw a noticeable difference in his appearance (he has a super shiny coat anyway) or his behaviour, but maybe we would with longer use of the food. But I can definitely say his wind was better!!

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