Top 5 Mum Beauty Trends for 2017!

beauty trends for 2017Recently the people at Ellisons asked me what I thought would be the big beauty trends for 2017…and I laughed! Now if you’d asked me that 2 years ago (even as someone who wears very little make-up) I would have easily been able to answer you as I’d have read the latest Elle, Vogue and Marie Claire magazine and I will have seen a huge ton of the catwalks from this season. Now I’m a busy mum with an active 7 month old, trying to run a blog and a photography company, I am lucky if I open a magazine let alone get to read one cover to cover like I used to. 

But it did get me thinking about the reality of beauty trends when you are a time strapped mum and I came up with a few things I think will be huge beauty trends with mums for 2017. How many of you mummies can relate! (Please note I mean this as a comic post!) 

  • The Ponytail and the Messy Bun – These 2 styles are set to be huge hits all over the world, with mums walking the playground catwalk sporting pony tails and messy buns in all forms. The perfect style for all long and mid length hair styles. Adorn them with coloured bobbles and Frozen hair clips to really make you stand out in the crowd.
  • The No Water Needed Hair Wash (aka Dry Shampoo) – This is due to be the number 1 product on the market for all busy mums for yet another year. A revolutionary product to give your locks a just salon washed look at any time (within reason!!) Finally got your little one fed, cleaned up and wrestled into an outfit to start the day but haven’t had a chance to even jump in the shower yourself, don’t panic just sprints your hair with dry shampoo and your good to go! 
  • The Sunglasses and Lippy Look – My go to look if I’m in a hurry and perfect if you want to look like you have spent ages on a full face of make up. I’m sure this is a trick used by lots of celebrity mums so they look perfect when they get papped whilst out and about with their children. Simply apply your favourite bright lipstick and don your best sunglasses and your done, this works in 2 ways – 1. the bright lipstick will be eye catching and draw the eye away from the rest of you, 2. the lippy gives the illusion that you must have done your full face of make up, due to the sunnies no one knows any different.  
  • The Yesterdays Make-up Perfect Smudged Eyeliner Look – Moody teens all over the world spend hours trying to perfect the perfect smokey eye and smudged eyeliner look where as us mums nail it every time. Just because you fell in to bed completely knackered and forgot to take off your make-up! On the rare occasion we get to apply make-up we need to make the most of it, so this is a double look, perfect make-up one day and then the morning after simply clean up the excess mascara on your cheek and eye lids and re apply some lippy and your good to go. The panda eye smudgy eyeliner look has never looked so good.
  • The Natural Nail – You’ll be seeing the natural nail every where this year. Who needs a trip to the beauticians for a painted manicure when you can easily achieve the perfect natural nail at home in under 2 minutes. Simply shape and smooth out nails so they are nicely curved and relatively even in length, this can be done whilst child is sleeping on you on sofa or whilst your on the loo, and your done!

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