Top 5 Teething Toys to Keep Your Little One Happy

Top Teething Toys Well Elian is at that age where he is starting to show signs of teething. Lots of his little friends already have teeth but my cheeky chap doesn’t seem to be actually cutting any quite yet, but he loves to chew! On everything and anything! This has been going on for well over 2 months now, probably since he was about 4 months old (he’s 7 months now!!) It started with him wanting to chew on everyones finger, not just family but pretty much any human in reachable distance! So to help him with the chewing and teething pain we have collected quite a little collection of teething toys. Some he takes to well, others lay in his toy box unused, here are our top 5 teething toys. If your little one is suffering bad and you want to find something to help ease their pain then consider one of these great teething toys.

Top Teething Toys

  1. Cheeky Chompers Chewy the Hippo – We were lucky enough to receive our Chewy in a Sassy Bloom Box a few months ago and Elian simply adores it. It is made of a soft latex rubber and is shaped like a sitting hippo. The two arm loops are great for little ones to hold onto and the feet are perfect to put in their mouths and chew on. Our Chewy has taken a right beating over the past 3 months and has come along with us most places when we are out and about. The velcro strap also means it can be attached to prams, car seats and changing bags, which is very helpful. (Get £10 off your first Sassy Bloom Box with this link!)
  2. Sophie the Giraffe – Probably the most well known of all teething toys (or baby toys in general I think!) I knew about Sophie before i even thought about having kids. My mum bought Elian his Sophie the minute he started trying to chew on our fingers. Sophie is made of natural rubber and shaped like a Giraffe. Elian wasn’t a huge fan when he first had it and only gave it a few attempts at chewing on it, but now he is little older I think he can hold it a bit better and loves to chew on her head and legs. She also squeaks so sometimes he just enjoys playing with her too
  3. Matchstick Monkey – Elian got sent his cute Matchstick Monkey last week and has been attached to it ever since! These are new on the market as far as I know, but I started to notice them popping up all over my instagram feed over the last few months. They are quite small so are great for tiny hands to easily grip on to, plus as they are small they fit easily in a changing bag or handbag. The Monkeys head also has small toothbrush like nodules which are great for teething babies to really rub their gums on and can be used to easily apply teething gel and powder in a hypengic way.   
  4. Fruit Teething Sticks – Lots of places sell these, but this is a great offer for a set of 3 on Amazon. We have had these for months and months now and were Elian’s favourite when he first started chewing things. The flat shape was easy to get in his mouth, the handle was easy for his small hands and even the tail end is great as it has lots of textured bumps and ridges for his little gums.  
  5. Nuby Icy Bite Keys –  The Nuby Icy Bite keys are great for soothing sore gums as they are filled with a teething gel which stays cold for longer if you chill them in the fridge. They have multiple textures and are nice and flat so easy to hold and get in little ones mouth. Elian wasn’t sure at first as they are much harder than his other chew toys as they are made of plastic and not a silicon/rubber material, but for the last 2 weeks he has started enjoying chewing on them when he is playing in his ball pit.

In addition to the teething toys we are also massive fans of teething jewellery and you can see our favourite Black and Bloom Teething Necklace here.

So what teething toy is your little ones favourite? Do you have any tips for getting through the teething period?

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