7 Kitchen Tools to Impress

Weekday dinners can sometimes be a rushed affair, it’s about getting hot and healthy food on the plate and out to the family. Finesse and style aren’t high up on the list of priorities! But if you’re hosting a dinner party, having friends over, or making your other half a romantic meal, it helps to have some impressive kitchenware to match the occasion. They may not be everyday essentials, but these kitchen tools are sure to impress.


Some Proper Knives!

The prep is at the heart of any impressive looking dish. Attention to detail will help the overall look of a finished dish. If you’ve been struggling on with blunt kitchen knives, new knives could be something to look into. Impress your guests with some sleek new steak knives, or cut effortlessly with some new kitchen knives. Similarly invest in a mandoline slicer. This handy little tool will help you to slice all your fruit or veg to the same size.  


Herb Stripper

Avoid any chunks of herbs in your dishes by buying a herb stripper. Grips help to strip away the good bits, whilst a helpful little bowl catches all your herbs. This will speed up any stew or sauce, which is often a laborious process anyway.


Pancake Pen

This is one to impress any kids. If you’re having some extra little ones over for a sleepover, or it’s simply the weekend, pancakes for breakfast are a good idea. Get the kids involved with the cooking with a pancake pen. The pen lets them draw the shape of the pancake they want. Personalize pancakes instantly, and without the mess.

This guy has mad pancake skills!

Hamburger Stuffer

For a gourmet take on hamburgers, get yourself a hamburger stuffer. These clever devices allow you to stuff your homemade burgers with different kinds of cheeses, chorizo, and spices. It’s a simple gadget, but sure to elevate your humble handmade burgers.


Cast Iron Press

This will save a lot of time and mess. By pressing down on your bacon or ham whilst it’s drying you won’t get the telltale curled edges. It also minimises on mess. This versatile tool can also be used for steaks and paninis.  


Cake Slicer

These tong style slicers make slicing cake easy. At any celebration you can expect varying sizes of cake and lots of dirty dishes! This easy to use slicer gives you the same slice every time, with only one dish to clean and dry!


Folding Chopping Board

A chopping board which folds is an ingenious way of transferring vegetables from board to pan easily and efficiently. How many times have we made a mess trying to transport mushrooms or onions to a frying pan? Buy a folding chopping board for less mess.

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