Kitchen Renovations Everyone Should Consider

kitchen renovations

I was recently looking at one of our very first posts on this blog where I talked about the ‘to do list’ for our new ‘first’ home together and thinking about how many of the tasks we have actually managed to tick off 2 years down the line…answer, not as many as I would have liked! But most of the jobs for my kitchen did get sorted out pretty early on (except my backsplash which has still boo be completed. 

The kitchen is definitely the heart of the home. From preparing meals to entertaining friends to hanging out with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Chances are you spend a lot of time in there, so creating a space that’s both practical and beautiful is always going to be a good investment. Whether you’re changing up your entire kitchen or just improving what you already have, here are a few kitchen renovations that everyone should consider!

  • Big Windows

Natural light to flood the room will make it look bigger, brighter and airier. If your home wasn’t built with large windows, in many cases it’s possible for them to be extended. If your kitchen looks out onto a nice view, or onto your garden, then a large window would be even better. If you have a door in your kitchen, replacing this with a glass model will also massively increase the amount of light entering the room.

  • Lighting

As well as plenty of natural light, good lighting sources are also important in the kitchen. Spotlights look sleek and modern and have the benefit of lighting the room evenly, so there are no dark corners. You could even opt for under cupboard and kickboard lighting for a really luxurious finish. You will need an electrician like to get everything up and running.

  • An Island

If you have the space for one, an island is a fantastic addition to the kitchen. It gives you additional surface space to work from and can even be fitted with plumbing for a sink, electrical sockets, and an additional hob! Sites like have ideas for islands which can be useful for inspiration. If your kitchen is too small, knocking down a dividing wall to make a more open plan area is a good move, which should free up some room. You may need to re-jig the layout of your downstairs slightly, but a slightly smaller dining or living area is worth it for a larger kitchen. Since buyers will be looking for larger, open kitchens, it will add value to your home and earn you some extra cash if you sell up in the future. Add a couple of bar stools, and you have an additional casual seating area too

  • Beautiful Taps

When it comes to the kitchen, the fixtures and fittings really do set everything else off. Even if you stick with the same cupboards and worktops you’ve had for years, replacing the cabinet door and drawer handles and adding new taps can make a world of difference. These can be quite expensive but will add a touch of luxury to the kitchen and look so much nicer than a standard tap. You could even go a step further and have a whole new sink fitted too. Again it will improve the look of the kitchen dramatically, even if you’re not having a full refit.

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