Top 5 Mums Night Off Essentials

Mums night off essentials It’s few and far between but occasionally mums get a night off.  And what do we do with that night off? Hit the town, dance all night, drink every cocktail on the menu and take a taxi home at 6am…nope!! We chill and make the most of a quite house to actually relax for a little while. Now I might not be speaking for all mums but I’m pretty sure I’m speaking for quite a large proportion of mums when I say that. Our lives can be so hectic and busy with our little ones that when we do have a few hours to ourselves (or with our significant others) just switching off is all we really want to do

So if you have a mums night off on the cards and want some fool proof essentials to make your night off perfect here are my top 5 tips. 

  1. A good girly chick flick – Just chilling on the sofa (or in bed) with a girly chick flick can be a great way to switch off, unwind and have a laugh. Recently I have watched How to be SinglePitch Perfect and Bad Moms all of which are perfect mums night off films (or girly night films if a few mums fancy getting together). 
  2. A glass (or bottle!) of prosecco/wine – I’m not a big drinker but occasionally I do like a glass of something a bit stronger than coke. Drink of choice at the moment is a nice chilled glass of Masottina Prosecco or a bottle of Old Mout Cider. Of course even though your not going out on the town you could still enjoy one of those cocktails, here are 10 Prosecco cocktails that are super easy to make.
  3. A relaxing bath – And what makes the perfect relaxing bath…a Lush bath bomb obviously! What is about Lush bath bombs that make them so damn awesome! They smell great, they leave your skin lovely and soft and they turn your bath a fun colour! Thats obviously the child in me that likes that part! hehe! At the moment there is a Golden Egg and a Fox one that I really want to test out.   
  4. New PJ’s – There is literally nothing better than a fresh new set of PJ’s (and fresh bedding obviously) for making you feel calm and relaxed. I happily spend most of my evenings in PJ’s and my dressing gown (and any day where I’m not leaving the house now actually) so if I want to feel chilled and relaxed I will don a new pair of PJ’s.  
  5. Something sweet to eat – Whether your sweet tooth craves chocolate or dessert, why not just treat yourself, when you are able to eat it all uninterrupted and without having to share it with a small mouth. If you want to really treat yourself why not try my amazing Salted Caramel and White Chocolate Cheesecakes! 

What are your fool proof ways to have a perfect chilled night off? 

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