Blogger Tips for Flying Long Haul with a Baby

blogger tips for flying long haul with a babySo we are going away in just a few weeks now! We are super excited as we are taking the little guy out to California to meet his Great Grandpa who lives out there. I have never been to that side of the states before and Jon has only been the once when he was in his teens so this is going to be a super fun holiday for all of us. But it is also the first time Elian will be going on a plane, and we are going long haul, eek! We must be mad, taking a 10+ hour flight with a 9 month old, especially as his first flight. On the plus side as he is under 1 year old and won’t be sitting in his own seat his ticket cost was minimal (£112) but due to the airline we are flying with he still gets baggage allowance and his car seat and pushchair! Yay!

So as this is our first time flying with a child I thought I would start looking for some handy tips for flying log haul with a baby from other parents who have done it already. I came across a few really great helpful posts I thought I would share with you all in case you too are taking a flight with a little one any time soon. Then after we have flown hopefully I can put together my own set of tips. 

Flying With a Baby is a blog written by an ex air hostess and as the name would suggest is full of posts specifically directed at parents flying with children! Perfect! So thats where I started and I have pretty much read her entire site. there are load of tips about where to sit, which airlines provide entertainment, which have kids meals and a whole host of other useful bits of information.

Hi Baby wrote a great honest guest post for A Slice of My Life in Wales all about how no matter how much you organise yourself it might not go to plan as babies are unpredictable! But she gives she gives a few great tips on how to entertain your little one during the flight and how best to pack your hand luggage!

The Amphletts have written a post about tips for flying with a baby with some really helpful common sense tips that I really hadn’t even thought about!

Looking for some pre flight and packing checklists to help make organising yourself and your stay a bit easier? Check out Yummy Blogger’s tips for taking a one year old abroad

Mummy Is A Gadget Geek has put together her Top 10 Tips for Flying Long Haul with Kids and it is really helpful for a first timer like us.

Lastly Life With Baby Kicks has a hand luggage essentials list for flying with little ones, I’ll be making sure I tick them all off before we go!

So there you go! Lots of blogger tips for flying long haul with a baby! I hope they can help a few of you as they have definitely helped us plan for our trip.

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