Blogging Income and Stats Report February 2017

Blogging Income and StatsSo I have been umming and ahhing over whether or not to publish my stats and income for a few months now. I love reading other bloggers income reports, especially Leanne’s on A Slice if my Life, partly because I’m nosy but also because it is interesting to see how bloggers are doing and to prove that an income can be made through blogging if you really want to make it work. Now I’m not sure I will publish this every month, or how long I will decide to publish these for, but I thought I would start publishing them for now to show and help other bloggers. There was a big discussion recently in a blogging group I am part of around the subject of stats and income and most of us seemed to want to read similar posts even if we weren’t brave enough to publish them ourselves. I really do think there should be more honesty and transparency in the blogging industry, at least between bloggers themselves and PR’s.

Now I should probably start this out by saying I do not blog full time, or even part time. I run 2 companies with my husband that are our full time jobs and income. I blog because I love it, but the extra income comes in useful at certain times of year, like this month as we are going on holiday in a few days so I have been pushing to make a little extra income so we can have extra spending money when we are away. And if I am honest this month has been really good to me, the best in a while in regards to income, although not amazing in regards to stats, but here you go!

I have included my earnings from the writing site Hubpages where I have 2 accounts with around 100 live articles although these now earn passive income as I no longer write on the site. Pus any commission I make using Affiliate Window for this month, although I have the limit set to £500 to encourage us to save it. It hit £500 this month after using it for just short of a year, so will pay out next month.

So this month I had 18,899 page views, 12,491 of which were unique views. This was our first month to join in on the TOTS 100 and we went in at number 230, which I was really surprised and pleased about. My DA is always a bit bouncy to be honest and this month we are at 26.

My followings on the 1st of March are

My earnings during February were:

Total Income: £493.11


  • New Blog Theme: £49
  • New Blog Logo: £54
  • Filmora: £60.19
  • Facebook Fees: £16
  • Paypal Fees: £12.46

Total Expenses: £191.65

Total Income Less Expenses: £301.46

I still have outstanding payments for 4 blog post totalling £480 which should clear early in March, and I already have 2 more sponsored posts lined up for March so I know it will be a good month financially. Also this month I have paid out for a new editing program, new blog layout and logo which I obviously won’t be doing again for a while.

In addition to this I have received these items to test out and review – Degustabox, Finger Puppets and Spiky Ball, Clothing for Elian, Tea Club Box, Pushchair, Dog Treats (total value approx: £200)

My Top 3 posts from this month were:

two hearts one roof

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Blogging Income and Stats

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  1. Nige
    March 5, 2017 / 8:04 pm

    I found this a very intersting read not sure I agree with these types of posts,but I have a question. You say that there should be more honesty and transparency between Bloggers themselves and pr’s. Would you be able to expand further what that actually means
    Many thanks

    • Chantele
      March 6, 2017 / 10:01 pm

      I think there is a bit of a love hate relationship around them. I was having a discussion about them with a group of fellow bloggers and although only a few posted them nearly all of us enjoyed reading them and found them interesting and helpful in some way.
      In regards to the honesty and transparency I understand that PR’s and SEO’s need to get the most coverage and reach for their money and each project has a budget but I think they should be honest when talking about fee’s. Some bloggers are given amounts whilst others are told there isn’t a budget or are offered pitiful budgets for high amounts of work. If they have set prices for each blogs page views or social reach then put a set amount on it. But don’t tell some there is no budget when other bloggers have been paid for the same work, its degrading!

  2. March 6, 2017 / 2:17 am

    That’s tremendous that you get to use this as a supplement to normal work. How long did it take you to get to that level of traffic?

    Do you market your guest posts or just wait for people to contact you?

    • Chantele
      March 6, 2017 / 9:58 pm

      Ive been blogging 7 years, 5 on a fashion blog then 2 years on this one.
      Guest posts depend, I have some contact me but I often go looking for people to contribute on Facebook for when I am away