February Degustabox Unboxing and (Brief) Review – Who Knew There Were Candy Crush Sweets!!!

February Degustabox Unboxing and Review

Hey guys, so this is both late and a brief post for our February Degustabox this month. You know I usually do a nice long review, highlighting each item but with how busy the last 2 weeks have been getting everything ready for our holiday I just haven’t had the time to do something as in depth as usual.

So check out the video below to see what we received this month in the box. If you fancy getting your own box don’t forget to use our Degustabox discount code to get £7 off your first box! Bargain!! Use code: ’65K3Q’ here!!
Here is what we got in the February Degustabox:

  • Willy Chase Apple Cider Vinegar Popcorn – I am a lover of popcorn but in all honesty I’m not 100% sure about this particular flavour. The popcorn was lovely but the flavour I’m not sure on
  • Kabuto Noodles – I usually love these noodle pots, as we have had them in the past, these ones were a little bit spicy for my likely but if you like the spice they would be great 
  • Candy Crush Sweets – OK I was a tad excited to see Candy Crush Sweets! They were typical gummy sweets to be honest and were pretty good
  • Beetee Cheesecake Sweets – These were weird and yummy all in one. Jon isn’t usually a gummy sweet person but he loves cheesecake so gave them a try and really loved them, in fact he ate the majority of the bag whilst I ate the Candy Crush Ones
  • Coldpress Beets and Berries Juice – I love berry juices but wasnt sure about the beets part, but I really loved this! You really cant taste the beets part it mostly tasted of raspberries! I had it really cold and it was delicious!
  • Heinz Beans (no added sugar) – We have had these before, typical beans, taste like the others if I’m honest. We’ve kept these ones for the little man to have when we are having regular beans.
  • Koko Dairy Free Coconut Milk – This is a great tasting dairy free alternative if you need a dairy free milk. We only drink skimmed milk anyway but I find this tastes just the same if not a little better
  • Peppersmith Mints and Chewing Gum – I actually took the mints on the plane and really liked them as a great minty treat when I needed a little sugar kick (San Fran is a long flight!)
  • Blossom Hill Fuity Bloom – this looks like it is a lightly bubbled wine. We haven’t opened it yet as I’m saving it for my next girly night in
  • Diablo Wafer Bar – I can only assume this was good as Jon wolfed it down the minute I finished filming the unboxing! I didn’t even get a bite! lol!
  • Maui and Sons Dark Chocolate Banana Bites – I on the other hand wolfed these down! Far far too easy to eat, very moorish, I clearly needed a bigger bag!


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