Guest Post from Lylia Rose – Top 5 Ways to Use Bananas

Banana Recipes

Day 2 of my guest posts and today it comes from the lovely Victoria rom Lylia Rose and she is going to be chatting about bananas! Yes that might be a little random but in all honesty bananas are probably my fav fruit and Elian loves them too. Plus out of all the fruit I think they are also one of the most versatile. So here are Victoria’s Top 5 banana recipes.

Hello, my name is Victoria and I blog at Lylia Rose. It’s a UK lifestyle blog full of anything that fascinates me, but mainly natural beauty, healthy living, vegetarian food, my children, small businesses and reviews. I’m married with two young children; a girl who is 4 years and a boy who is 23 months. I work evenings, mummy in the day and work on my blog and small business in all my spare time. I’m obsessed with healthy eating and have decided to cut out refined added sugar this year after seriously cutting it down last year. I thought I’d share my top five ways to use bananas with you today. They are all delicious and very simple banana recipes. These are great ideas for both adults and kids!

Banana Pancakes
Mash a good sized banana and whisk in two eggs. If like me you have a Nutri Ninja (or Bullet) it takes two seconds and blends really well instead of whisking. Heat a pan with a little oil. Pour a large spoonful in slowly and cook for approx. 30 seconds until firm enough to flip. Cook the other side for approx. 30 secs. Add a little honey if you’re feeling naughty. Enjoy!

Frozen Banana Milkshake
Did you know you can freeze bananas? Great when you have a bunch that are too ripe to eat in one go. Freeze them and use them to make a delicious banana milkshake at a later date. Simply blend a frozen banana with milk. Add extra bananas to make a thicker shake or even to make natural banana ice cream!

Banana and Cacao Smoothie
Blend one banana with a spoonful of cacao powder and milk for a delicious chocolate banana smoothie! It tastes too naughty to be good for you. But it is!

Peanut Butter & Banana Ryvita
The perfect elevensies snack. Spread 100% pure peanut butter onto a Ryvita and top with sliced banana. It’s a great mid-morning energy boost to see you through to lunch time.

Banana Porridge
Liven up plain porridge with bananas. Either slice them on top or try mashing them and mixing them with the oats for a really smooth banana-ey good for you bowl. Flaked almonds and honey drizzled on top will really make your mornings worth getting out of bed for!
I hope you’ve enjoyed my top five ways to use bananas. Perhaps you have some more amazing ways to use bananas?


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